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  1. Sorry, figured we would talk when you come over to pick everything up. I've had a bit of issues with my basement.
  2. Michael Newman is the guy you need to talk to, I will DM you and Kacie his email address (I thought I did so already), I have asked him to reach out to @Kacie with the up to date information. The afterparty will be insane with the amount of Devs and new experimental games, yes please reach out to any Retro stores and have them contact me (you have my email). The more multiplayer games the better. Information about the night goes as follows. We will be at Stoney's Bar and Grill at 6:30 for setup. If you are bringing a retro console be aware that we will be playing on LCD panels that are hung up high, so any cables would need to be at least 10'. Powerstrips are in short supply and if you have one bring it. If not show up, have a good time and hand out some information about the charity, although I will hold a space for the team (+ it will be awesome). Retrons are anywhere from 50 - 90 bucks right now and I love mine and the newer one is a beast.
  3. So this is the forums?! Woo! Hey team I will not be formally manning the space but let me know what support you need. I still have the TV that @The Hlessi has graciously dedicated towards the cause as well as the old banner. Most of the materials are outdated but I will pick through and see what is usable. I can meet with one of the team members to drop off materials as well as the TV. I would dedicate my Retron but unfortunately my girls have discovered the SNES and i'd hate to take that away from them. I will work with the leadership team on the PMing of the evening event for the Official Denver Comic Con Afterparty. @Nerdology5280 do you have a good contact who will be working that event so I can make sure they get the information. I will also work with my Developer contacts to make sure they know EL will be "in da house" so maybe if they have codes, or support they could offer to the cause I can connect the team. Any questions please let me know, as you may or may not know I do not have an "inside track" on DCC. I know the folks organizing it so if you are still hitting a brickwall let me know and I will try to (softly) shake some branches.
  4. Possible meeting up in Ft Collins? Looks like the place is open!
  5. Twitter: @_chrisabbey PSN/XBL: revisionist00, STEAM FREEAOLCDS Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Just something about doing squats for money just seems wrong! Lol. Thanks for your inputs, there are some cool/funny videos on YouTube I'll share out about "gamer workouts" Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. I am seeing tons of folks weaving fitness and exercise into their (day to day gaming / marathoning) last year and this year. I wanted to create a topic to potentially talk about some ideas you guys and gals may have in terms of getting fit while playing games. Our hospital shared their concerns with spreading the idea of sitting for long periods of time to play games and have asked questions concerning ways the guild could share ways for players to incorporate exercise, fitness and family into our campaigning. Other than going straight to the full body controlling games and Wii, I was trying to see if anyone have innovative way they are utilizing their queuing/spawning times to sneak a few exercises in. We also have had guild members participate in volunteering efforts, 5Ks and more.
  8. Hey everyone, I wanted to put out there some information about what are guild is doing and how we intend on handling this year's campaign. In doing so I will also share some of the positive things that came out of last year! Post 2014 we had a bunch of lessons learned, and dreams of what 2015 could be like! We finished off strong with the help of Rick Spies and his selfless destruction of all his hard work in Eve to gain the Denver Guild a huge jump in donations to the hospital with CCP support! That being said, our guild was working the butts off to make our inaugural year one not only to be celebrated locally but to give us just enough fire to make even bigger goals for 2015. Some positive things we were able to build last year that helped us tremendously: Table space at our local Comic Con, LAN and Microsoft eventsBuilding a "sales" team that would go out and solicit support of local businesses and retail establishment to hand out Extra Life campaign materials.This year we have been able to evolve and mutate these items to hopefully build an even stronger opportunity of growth for 2015! We are currently talking with our local Symphony to provide space at current and future (geek/pop culture/video game/family) events to showcase the power of videogames as an art medium and more! Creating diverse roles within the local guild team to support guild member participation and provide responsibilities for guild members in good standing. (i.e. community liaison like positions in the MMo and Tabletop communities) This interest was build out of the need to engage our guild members more and transform participation with the guild as not only the opportunity to support a great cause but to do what you like (and are probably more experienced at) in that support. Continuation: building of our "sales" team to build better Guild and community support for Extra-Life. This means visiting and calling local retail (other) establishments for the sharing of Extra-Life materials, support of events..etc.We'd love to talk more about what we are doing here in Colorado or to take in better ways we can raise awareness and dollars for our kids.
  9. Thanks for setting this up! My twitter handle is @_chrisabbey
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