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  1. Just to keep this updated. We had a meeting with Mr. Fisk, and he is on board with doing an event at the high school with us. In fact, he loves what we are about more then anything. We are still getting the details worked out with both him and the Director of Secondary Programs in our area. More will be posted later.
  2. We are. Just things have been slow lately and we post more on the FaceBook page. If you would like to show up to a guild meeting, the next one is held Dec. 5th at 10:30 AM at Gamer’s Haven in Spokane Valley. Address is 2114 N Pines Rd #1.
  3. I'm in with trying to do something. ^-^ Just be a pain for me to find parking. XD Also, do we have a word on shirts yet? There are some local t-shirts places that might be able to make them.
  4. Any idea about getting a booth or something set up? It is this coming Sunday, or should we just try to focus on something else?
  5. Hello, it's Alanna. Just saying hi here. ^-^ Not sure what else I should say, so can't wait till we start trying to do stuff.
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