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  1. I tend to hold multiple events throughout the year raising money for Extra Life. This year, I surpassed my goal during my second event, before game day! In order to incentivize donors, I'm raising my yearly goal for the event, with the intent of lowering back to the original goal afterwards. However, one of my friends had an idea - what if you could designate several events as part of your Extra Life campaign? Game Day itself could be one event, and any other big events someone does for Extra Life could be added, with their own sub-goals, dates, and details! In this case, I could have an event for my "Metroid Marathon" with a goal of $500, and another event for my "Board Game Marathon" for game day, with another goal of $500. I could then adjust each event's goal individually without altering the overall goal. What do you think? Would this be useful to other people?
  2. I'll jump on this bandwagon: I'm going to be holding a major marathon starting this Friday, April 1st, at 12:00 PM EDT! My friends and I are going to be playing through (nearly) EVERY METROID GAME in sequence! We expect it to take around 60 hours... yikes! Check us out at metroidmarathon.com, or at twitch.tv/metroid_marathon directly!
  3. Just an update - I accidentally went to my old Extra Life page this morning and got an HTTP 404 Not Found result. I was then able to go to my current 2016 page and successfully change the alias to my old one. So it looks like the old aliases were cleared! You should be able to use your old alias now (unless someone else has sniped it from you - good luck!).
  4. I have an Elgato HD capture card that I use to stream console games at times. Lately, though, I've been having a heap of trouble with it, and was wondering if anyone smarter than me could lend a hand. Most of the time, there's a significant delay between when I do something in the game, and when it shows up in the stream; about a second or so. On my TV the game is perfectly in sync, but on the stream the game video/audio is delayed by about a second or so. This happens with every console I use the card with (Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One). However, specifically when playing a Wii game on the Wii U, there is an additional delay of about a second between game video and game audio - meaning that, when I press a button on my controller, the following happens, in order: Game video/audio comes through my local system, on time Game video appears on stream, about a second later Game audio appears on stream, about a second after game video. This has become incredibly apparent when playing Metroid Prime 3 on the Extra Life channel on Saturday nights, and IMO makes the game unplayable. I wasn't able to find a setting to configure game audio delay in OBS. I did find a "Video Delay" option, but after bumping it up past 1500 ms it started making my entire computer lag, and it didn't even seem to be taking effect on the stream (although I might have been using Studio mode and forgotten to hit Transition, now that I think about it). Even if it did work, I don't relish the thought of my game video/audio being 2 or more seconds delayed from my webcam video and microphone input (although that would be a step up from where I am). Does anyone have any experience with this kind of problem, or with the Elgato HD card in particular? Is the Elgato just a bad card? Am I in trouble no matter what I do? I appreciate your input! Thanks all. NachoCheese / Ganon11 / Mike
  5. It looks awesome! I might have to use this, if only for the donation alerts! One thing I noticed immediately: I set a background image for the Alert to test it out. When I tried to clear the selection, however, the app wouldn't let me select nothing, and I was forced to (temporarily) keep some image there. I was able to work around this by deleting the copied images under Desktop\extra-life-output\, but a built-in option to clear your selection would be nice. I assume the same issue will happen for sound effects.
  6. heartandthesynapse - after talking with my team, I realized we don't actually need the locally-hosted grunt server. We could set something up on Heroku, but as it is it's fairly easy to get started just by downloading the source and adding a Browser source with a local URL. Thanks for the suggestion, though - it's definitely something we'll look at for future projects.
  7. Myself and a few of my Extra Life team members hacked together some widgets for embedding into your stream! Check them out here: https://github.com/Ganon11/ExtraLifeWidgets/ Widgets available: Top Donors (either to an individual Participant, or to a Team)Progress to Goal (either a Participant's or a Team's goal)Most Recent Donations (again, either for a Participant or a Team)Here's an example of the Top Donor and Progress widgets in action: To use, all you should need to do is download and extract the repository's .zip file, and follow the instructions in our README.md for embedding the widgets in OBS. The widgets should also work in XSplit, but I don't use it myself, and thus can't give detailed instructions.
  8. I had updated my apps to use the jsonp.afeld.me proxy, but the site appears to be down right now. It's be much simpler to be able to access the data directly from extra-life's site rather than having to set up a proxy server or jump through hoops like this. Is there any way the Extra Life team can enable CORS so that we can access our data?
  9. I'm also working on some widgets, and ran into the same CORS issue. My team got around it by creating a proxy server to pass GET requests through to Extra Life, but would really like it if we could access Extra Life's data directly.
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