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  1. Hi Rick,

    I am really looking forward to the guild meet up in Toronto. 
    I was hoping you'd be able to let me know who I can contact for this - I would like to put my name in the ring for president of the guild in Toronto. I am a hardworking, organized individual who has personally spent time in the Toronto SickKids hospital. It holds a special place in my heart and I am more than thrilled for this opportunity. 




    1. MrArcys


      Hi @Sloppyderek! I can help you out with this.


      The Toronto Guild Launch is happening on Thursday, March 31st at 6PM. You can find out details and a link to RSVP over on the Toronto Guild Calendar.


      Self-nominations for Officer positions are taken at the launch event. You'll be able to meet someone from the Extra Life national team as well as the hospital's CMN Rep.


      I'm tagging @LeaveIt2Beaver in case I'm wrong with any of the above information.


      I hope this helps! Cheers!

    2. LeaveIt2Beaver


      Spot on, thanks @MrArcys! And looking forward to meeting you at the launch @Sloppyderek.

  2. Hi everyone! I'm Derek, aka "Sloppyderek" - I've been involved with Extra Life for 2 years now. I was actually at Toronto Sick Kids for a while when I was a child and it's an amazing place to heal. I'm a dedicated individual and have a passion for helping others. This is an exciting time to finally have an Extra Life Guild in Toronto and I am beyond thrilled to be apart of it. As we all know Extra Life is amazing and I look forward to helping it grow and working with you all. See you on the 31st! For the Kids. Derek.
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