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  1. I came across the Extra Life United forum today, and it's the first time I've ever heard of it. So what is it and is there somewhere someone can go to get more information about it?
  2. I'm from Belleville so I may be able to volunteer. I'm going to have to double check with my work to make sure of my availability, but if you need people and it benefits Extra Life I'm more than willing to help.
  3. My screen name is Amdragon.
  4. My twitch channel is I don't have a streaming schedule right now, but I just bought the Star Wars collection on Steam and I plan to do a Star Wars game Marathon/mini-marathon stream Monday 5/4/2015 for May the Fourth. edit: I'm planing to start my Star Wars stream at 10:00 am central time, and go as long as I have time.
  5. I don't post a lot but my twitter is @amdragon713
  6. I posted this in the Facebook group and I thought I posted it here earlier but I guess not. Star Clipper's Grand Opening is this Saturday. It would probably be a good event to spread the word about Extra Life.
  7. I received an email today about the Star Clipper Grand Opening this Saturday. I think it seems like it might be a good event to spread the word about Extra Life.
  8. The last two years I was on the Rooster Teeth team since that's where I originally learned about Extra Life, but I would like to be a part of a local team this year.
  9. I know we talked about doing this last year but nothing ever came of it. I like the idea, and I think we should look into it.
  10. Hey, I'm Austin. I'm from Belleville, IL. I just built a PC so that's mainly what I play right now, but I also have a Xbox One and a Xbox 360. I haven't really streamed all that much but with my new PC I hope to get more into steaming. My xbox GT is Amdragon713 and my name on steam is amdragon, feel free to add me.
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