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  1. @LostAmongWorlds Haha it had to be clipped :D

  2. @InvaderSil @MajorLinux @aerodash84 @JPSXeserox @LuthienAzaelia @KayIsGaming @zolloz89 @AllTheWayJ27 @hannietravels… https://t.co/A5xv2Ojc9x

  3. RT @SeclusiveBlue: RT and bless a timeline https://t.co/aWEpKDsX8i

  4. I just raised $5.00 for local @CMNHospitals thru #EXTRALIFE. Donate today & help me reach my goal: https://t.co/NiTshPcbgd

  5. RT @poulshu2: #FF #FollowFriday #TeamOrange #FannyPax #StreamOn #Gamingforgood #StreamingLive @TheOnlyRyann @Banzaibabee @Xmiramira @Wa…

  6. RT @gnomedic: @Chilis @squashmoen @overwatchleague Dear @Chilis, let’s make dreams come true. @overwatchleague viewing party, Stage 3 final…

  7. @ChronotypeB @pommie_tappet @Pay_thePiper @ExtraLife4Kids @Amarathyst_WoW @Ashthemage @ketsivaun @ArgentOnslaught… https://t.co/yENEVok9yk

  8. RT @childrensatl: You've got a friend in me. https://t.co/la7cXeGxqE

  9. RT @ExtraLife4Kids: Diggin' this #EXTRALIFEUNITED recap from @Twitch!

  10. @Diortem @ArCrinis @x_Tiamat_x @scouter715 @shuanye No worries @Diortem!! I completely understand! We will of course have more fun later!

  11. I now have 2408985 points on https://t.co/BBtd0SK5uz, the cross-platform achievement tracker. I now rank #560 in United States!

  12. @hiddnen @SeaOfThieves My buddy @AEGIS_COYOTE is another Mixer streamer. I told him about you and now you have a new follower :D

  13. @indomitable_dp @DJThunderstix https://t.co/iNPGckI1WO

  14. @gektekRadio @logicslayer @Terrul @Diortem @maeglin73 @sweetadeline14 @IIShadowKingII Yes definitely will have more… https://t.co/N2HoJlKTGH

  15. We raised over $40000 during the stream for #ExtraLifeUnited!!! And I was there to witness it :D #ExtraLife… https://t.co/8AdxfZB0mN

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