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  1. aradiadarling

    June Guild Meeting


    Hey everyone! Meeting on Discord is tonight! You can join here: (This link expires tomorrow.) When you log into Discord and go into the Boston Guild server, you'll see a category down at the bottom for guild business. There's both a voice and a text channel for meetings - that's where we'll be! Don't worry about having a working mic if you don't want to talk, that's what the text channel is for. As long as you can hear us, you'll be fine. See everyone there!
  2. Guildies! You guys are amazing and made 2017 a great year for Extra Life and Boston Children's Hospital, but us in leadership are already thinking towards 2018 and making next year even better! And this is where you come in. What sorts of things would you like to see from the Guild and Extra Life next year? Sound off in the comments with details. This guild would be nothing without you guys, so lets make 2018 the best year yet. <3
  3. until

    You've got me and David all day Saturday ;-)
  4. until

    @thats_spinach I can do Sunday afternoon so you dont have to rush back to pack up.
  5. Boston Festival of Indie Games
  6. ***Update*** They are asking for a list of volunteers so they can supply us badges. You'll have plenty of time to wander and play games though. The show runs from 8am to 9pm, but as you can see below, Extra Life won't be there all day long. Also keep in mind we can have as many people as we want on shifts, since we're buying our own badges, but ideally we'd like at least 2 volunteers per shift. Tickets availabe for pre-purchase here. 9-2 9-2 1-6 1-6
  7. aradiadarling

    Fall SuperMegaFest

    Super MegaFest Saturday 9-2 9-2 David DiMare-Messier 1-6 Greg Harris-Jones 1-6 Amelia Ott Sunday 9-2 Danielle Standring 9-2 David DiMare-Messier 1-6 Angela DiMare-Messier 1-6
  8. until

    David and I will be around all weekend, so we can fit in where necessary.
  9. until

    I'll be there on Sunday with a new volunteer (Shawn Fickett, he'll also be at BCC).
  10. Boston Comic Con We've got a table at Boston Comic Con this year, you guys! Huzzah! It was last minute but they could fit us in, so its ours! This con is three days, and we're splitting Saturday and Sunday into 2 shifts, so there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer. There will be two people on per shift, and you'll have your badge for the whole day so you can also enjoy the con. (It looks like its going to be AMAZING this year) David and I will be around all weekend if you need help, breaks, food, etc. (Shawn will be at the 501st table in a real emergency.) I'll try to give everyone at least one shift, so post your preferred and let me know if there's anything you absolutely CAN'T do. BCC is in two weeks, guys, so make sure to sign up ASAP so we can make sure to have the weekend fully staffed!
  11. aradiadarling

    Boston Comic Con

    BCC is three days; you will have the badge for the entire day, so you can enjoy the con opposite your shift. FRIDAY 2-7 - Luis Cardona @The Guat 2-7 - @quitecrazy 2-7 - David DiMare-Messier SATURDAY 10-3 - Jason St Jean 10-3 - Elizabeth Park @JustSkoink 2-7 - Greg Harris-Jones @Serolis 2-7 - Amelia Ott @Oporotheca SUNDAY 10-2 - Dave Kinghorn @Robop1g 10-2 - Kristin Schiff 1-5 - Greg Harris-Jones @Serolis 1-5 - Shawn Fickett
  12. until

    @thats_spinach, could use more help, specifically on Sunday
  13. CAPE Calendar Event CAPE (Cosplay & Photography Expo) is back this year, and for TWO days! Starting with two spots per shift, but we shouldn't have a problem getting extra badges, and tickets are really affordable too. If you cosplay, you're encouraged (more than normal) to come dressed up!
  14. aradiadarling

    CAPE 8/5-8/6

    Cosplay And Photography Expo SATURDAY Greg Harris-Jones Amelia Ott David DiMare-Messier Melissa Marie SUNDAY All Day: David DiMare-Messier 9-2 - Greg Harris-Jones 9-2 - Sarah DiMare 1-5 - Dave Kinghorn 1-5 - Sarah DiMare
  15. Boston SouthCoast Comic Con Calendar Event FYI - this is formally Northeast Comic Con, but rebranded for their new Hanover location. Volunteer spots open!
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