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  1. @herobyclicking@Cerviperus @jacobgkau Looks like it's fixed again. YEAH!
  2. @herobyclicking I think this broke again. Noticed it on my profile a bit ago. I parsed through the leader board using a different computer and browser and see the same for all the profiles I looked at.
  3. Anyone interested in doing a Player Unknown's Battlegrounds' Guild Game Afternoon or Evening this Saturday, August 19? I was thinking either 3PM or 7PM and go for 2-3 hours. I'm looking your way @SavageAce, @mostwantedmex, @Fine_Rogue2873, @Mave, and @BridgetownBS
  4. I passed the word along in our Discord. This should Kevin's page and this should be Brian's.
  5. Besides @SavageAce, @Fine_Rogue2873, and myself; does anyone have PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds? I'm interested in putting together a GGN. Possibly as soon as I this Friday (5/12) for It's Friday.
  6. Work in Progress Sorry this isn't complete yet, but I figured it's been a few weeks and it would be best to post what I have in the meantime. Part 1 - Basic Twitch Streaming This guide will be the introduction to streaming. If you think Twitch is an involuntary muscle movement and YouTube is where that keyboard playing cat lives, this is a good place for you to start. For this guide I will be focusing on, a partner of Extra Life. That’s not to say you couldn’t use YouTube Gaming, Hitbox, Beam, or another service. is available on all three platforms I will cover in this guide and is supported by every streaming software I have worked it. Know Your Connection If you don’t know what type of internet connection you have, research that first. For a stable and healthy stream I suggest using a land-based service with at least 5 megabits per second (Mbps) or 5,000 kilobits per second (kbps) upload. Keep in mind that streaming is bandwidth intensive and will limit additional uses of your connection. If you plan to stream multiplayer games and/or use voice chat (like Curse, Discord, TeamSpeak, Mumble, or Ventrilo), I recommend your connection be at least 10 Mbps upload. A quick aside, I highly discourage the use of Skype for voice chat. Many incidents have demonstrated it can be exploited by others to violate your privacy and can lead to Doxing and/or Swatting. Using a cellular (3G, LTE) or other wireless service can work, but reliability fluctuates and they often have throttling and data caps. DSL, cable, or fiber are recommended. Use of an ethernet connection to your console or PC is also recommended. Take some time to insure you are getting the speeds you expect with your connection. Often you’ll find you are not getting those speeds due to line conditions, bad modem configuration, poor home network connection, and/or service provider error. Below are some online test to help determine your download speed and upload speed (the important one for streaming). Make sure you or anyone else is not using your connection when you run these test, otherwise results will be inaccurate. SourceForge’s Internet Speed Test Google’s Speed Test Should be the first result, “Run Speed Test” If you discover that your speeds are not what your expected, consider: Repeating test(s) and ensure nothing else is using your connection. If you are on WiFi, try using an Ethernet (aka wired) connection instead. Reboot your modem and/or router. Make sure your modem and/or router are up-to-date. Contact your service provider Streaming services often will have a method to monitor your connection to them, such as Twitch’s Inspector. Unfortunately, you’ll typically already have to be streaming to be able to use such tools. I will discuss bitrates and resolutions as we address each streaming method later. In the meantime if you just want to do a basic stream from a PS4 or Xbox One 5 Mbps upload should be adequate. Twitch Essentials Now that you have a satisfactory internet connection, go sign up for a Twitch account. Once you have created an account and confirmed it, login and find the Dashboard. The “Live” menu is your streamer hub. Even if you are streaming from a console, I recommend having the Dashboard open on a computer.The important sections are: Stream Information Stream Health Video Preview Stats Chat Please note the following: Under the “Settings” menu, you will find an option for Stream Key. This is used in setting up some streaming software. Never, ever share this key with anyone or display it publicly. If another person gets hold of your stream key, they can stream as your account, which is something you do not want. For now I will just address the “Live” menu Stream Information Stream Information is where you will title you can set your stream’s title, language, community association (such as OfficialExtraLife), and game being played. When you make changes here, make sure to select the “Update Information” button. On PS4 and Xbox One you can set the stream title in their Twitch app and the game will be automatically set for you. Stream Health When you are streaming, Stream Health will show a histogram of your streams bandwidth and a general description of the stream health. It’s common to have fluctuation in the histogram. This is due to how compression works with the content on screen. For example, a blank and/or static loading screen can be highly compressed and requires little bandwidth, so the histogram would lower because of this. By contrast, a panning shot of a detailed vista or racing your car down a scenic road will be less compressed and require more bandwidth causing the histogram to rise. Less than ideal stream health signified by erratic fluctuations like spikes and drops will result in a stuttery or muddy stream for your viewers. If your are experiencing less than ideal stream health with Twitch consult the Guide to Broadcast Health and Using Twitch Inspector. Video Preview This small window is a representation of what your viewers see and hear. You should monitor the preview when starting your stream and intermittently during your stream to make sure everything appears and sounds correctly. No one wants to watch a stream of dead air. When you are not monitoring, make sure to pause and/or mute the preview. Muting will prevent the preview from being picked up and causing an echo and/or feedback. Pausing will actually stop the steam you were watching, freeing up that download bandwidth. Stats Stats is a simple display of how many viewers your current stream has, how long your current stream is, and other some additional items related to your channel. Chat This is your basic method of engaging viewers. Viewers can send text messages and emoticons in chat and you can respond on your stream or via chat.
  7. I have been asked to start a guide to help Extra Lifers with the technical aspects of streaming. The guide will be broken out into 3 parts outlined below.Part 1 will be the "How do I get started?" guide, while the subsequent parts will explore more advanced topics. I am open to explore additional topics for Part 2 & 3, if suggested in this thread, but Part 1 will be kept simple for the obvious reason. I will added suggestions to the Potential Additional Topics list below as I consider them and update the outline as they are accepted. Please note that if you are looking for help with building an audience or suggestions on how to get more donations, this is the wrong place to be looking. The best recommendation I can give for that is: content & personality. Guide Outline Part 1 - Basic Twitch Streaming Know Your Connection Twitch Essentials Built-in Streaming on Console Xbox One PlayStation 4 Basic PC Streaming Entry-Level Streaming Software Pre-Built Overlays Part 2 - Intermediate Streaming using a PC Other Streaming Services Robust Streaming Software Webcams Audio Mixing External Capture Part 3 - Advanced Streaming using a PC Customizing Overlays Chroma Key Audio Ducking Potential Additional Topics Extra Life JSON
  8. At a past meeting there was a request for additional challenges and activities to do at recruiting events. I just saw a game that could be good for challenges. The Disney Afternoon Collection [trailer] is clearly kid-friendly and they've included time attack and boss rush challenges. The downside is it's only going to be available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One when it's release on April 18.
  9. What if we have a Board Game Geek "own" list (example)? Can we just paste that in the field?
  10. When I get a block of time I'm playing Elite Dangerous or Battlefield 1. When I get less than an hour, I've gone back to Rocket League and really enjoying it. I play it much the way I play billiards, sloppy. Win or lose though I usually have a pretty good 5-15 minutes.
  11. Perhaps @DJThunderstix or @LeaveIt2Beaver could review this question and PM you guys with the response. It would be great if the actual number could be shared publicly but I understand how that could be abused for the DDOS attacks. An API key system would be the best. Extra Lifers have individual keys with specified limits and team captains got an additional API key that allowed for more calls scaled or tiered by number of team mates. But that would have to be a solution for another year.
  12. @Jack Gardner The link for Team Reddit just opens the image again. Should link to
  13. @SavageAce I'm up to do Friday 10/14.
  14. @bread_man I didn't see a mention of this, but do you think post-EL this year you'll look into dumping Flash and look at doing this with Javascript and/or HTML5? By Extra Life 2017 I think we'll see Flash no longer available in Chromium, which is used in OBS' Browser Source.
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