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  1. so far i am loving the game. i've got through Cleric, Father Gascoigne and BSB and I just found Amelia. exploring is fun and frustrating. i recently lost 17000 blood echoes because i wanted to explore, died and couldn't get back to the spot i died because i rushed and died before i could get back. great times
  2. thanks everyone for the feedback. i'm not going to rush. i'm gonna go to some retail stores to try them on if they're available. the difficult part is not being able to try them on to test comfort i will update you on what i've decided.
  3. Nice! thanks for the feedback. i do have a spare Turtle Beach X12 that still works for PC but would have to get an adapter to work on XBOX One or PS4. I think i've become too spoiled with wireless since i got these Playstation Golds. This is what they look like but i've super glued the top crack and modded it with electric tape. Still works so i'll use them for now until i find a good sale. I'm eyeing the Steelseries H for some reason but man are they expensive
  4. Hey everyone, I currently have a Playstation Gold Headset which i use for all platforms. It's wireless on PS3/PS4 of course but also wireless on PC and with XBOX One via audio adapter. Everything about it has been great especially for the price, except the plastic frame which has cracked in a few places (I guess my head is too big ). Right now it's being held by electric tape which makes it look ugly but it works for now. I'm considering replacing it and wondering what everyone suggests. I really have come to like wireless vs wired. Thoughts?
  5. I just finished A Link Between Worlds. Great game. Loved the puzzles
  6. From what i've been reading and discussing with some other streamers, Blue Microphones Snowballs and Yetis seems to be a popular one.
  7. I think if you go to Donations at the top, then Donations Received, you can put a check mark beside all those who donated. Unfortunately if they hide their email address you won't be able to include them in the group thank you message Bacchanalian, congratulations a great campaign you had there
  8. ok thanks! no the rock band mic would be temporary. i just invested in a capture card to start myself off. i did see quiet a few Blue mics locally for decent price that comes with stands and everything but i was thinking until then, the rock band mic might suffice
  9. i'm just curious, would a rock band usb mic work? i know its a silly question but say i got a stand for it, could it work for live streaming similar to a blue mic?
  10. I had a blast. I decided last minute the night before to buy a capture card and do my very first stream cold turkey 24 hours. I mostly had personal friends and family lurk in the channel but I was ok with that. Some other Twitch streamers that I follow came out to support. I actually did the full 24 hours but for a few hours in the middle of the night when no one was really around I turned the camera off and showed just the game. Then for my last hour I turned it back on and I can see in camera how bloodshot my eyes were. Great job and congrats to everyone!
  11. i'm very happy to say today i reached my $1000 goal and 2nd year successfully reaching $1000. that doesn't mean it stops there because there is so much time!
  12. Awesome! can't wait for mine to arrive! yes you need to register as platinum for $15
  13. i remember last year we got a nice extra life wallpaper for ps3. would be awesome to get that again for other consoles. i know ps4 is supposed to get wallpaper support soon vita just did an update so you can now add themes and wallpaper and i immediately did this
  14. I just received my email to claim my t-shirt so excited!
  15. hello. just curious to see if anyone is from the Toronto area. i know they were promoting extra-life at fan expo where i originally found out about it.
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