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  1. Hello to you all I am Patrik from Sweden and I am 43 years of age, getting 44 the 26th of October so I will celebrate my birthday streaming on twitch during the extra-life marathon. At the moment I am on sick leave and normally work as a carpenter and webmaster in my own little personal web company. When it comes to gaming that stated on the Christmas Eve 1977, I did get a Atari 2600 from then on I have been a dedicated gamer and dabbled in paper and pen, live action role playing, board games, Mac, PC and various consoles over the years. Fast forward to the present times. Nowadays I am a strict PC gamer and play all sorts of games, I am especially playing MMORPG's and RPG games but also entertain myself with MOBA's, Browser games and Voxel based games like Trove, Creativerse, Minecraft, Planet Explorers and so many other ones. How did I find out about extra-life. Well it is all thanks to Trion Worlds, I plaed Rift and they announced that they would create a team for extra-life fundraising, that was back in 2011 and since then I have been aboard. I am not the most successful fundraiser but I am doing the best I can. Regards from Patrik a.k.a. Gilnidor
  2. Here is a link to my twitch channel. I am not that active as a streamer, but I will stream all the gaming I do during the extra-life marathon. I have followed all of you. I am currently figuring out what overlays and so on I will make or getting help to make. Regards from Patrik a.k.a. Gilnidor
  3. I am at 10% of my goal that is 100$ I hope to reach the goal and beyond. I have not posted that much about it but will step up the fundraising posts over the next few weeks
  4. I will only play on PC, and I will stream as much as possible during the event. The games I will play is Trove, Creativerse, Rift, Defiance, ArcheAge and some other games that is not decided yet. And on the 26th I have my birthday so I will celebrate that online also Steam: gilnidor All the games I will play my name is Gilnidor or Ibim Looking forward to the event for sure and proud to say that this is my third year as a participant.
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