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  1. Im going to be in Seattle for 6 weeks to 6.5 weeks, thinking treatment is going to start for me on the 9th of december but maybe earlier but. December 3rd is a thursday by the way, the 4th is a friday.
  2. Hello, my name is Nick Newman and I'm from the Spokane Extra Life Guild but I am having Radiation and Chemo treatment in Seattle from a proton beam at Seattle cancer care alliance.I am wondering if I can talk to someone that's been part of the seattle guild from the beginning or near the beginning about how you guys and gals were when you started up. Thanks.
  3. This forum is for times and dates for upcoming guild meets and cancellations. The meeting of 7/14/2015 at 6pm has been cancelled due to conflict of schedule.
  4. Saturday is a 12 hour tournament day at hoopfest, people will start going home around 8ish. Sunday is when it becomes an 8 hour tourny
  5. For all of you who are not in the Spokane Guild Facebook group please add me, Nick Newman, on their and I can invite you if you still want to be part of the local guild.
  6. The time has come upon us to see if we can do something at hoopfest. Hoopfest is next month, June 27th and the 28th. We should see about getting a little something going on their in the extra life name. It's a huge event as you may know and this is a glorious opportunity that we must seize. Let me know what you guys may think.
  7. We should definitely try to set it up, I know a couple people that are participating in it and I'm sure you all know someone also. Maybe even one of us has connections to the current creator of it. Hopefully we could contact them but we may have to put a little money into doing this.
  8. Well hello there! My name is Nicholas Newman, I am 17 years old but I love to help people and give back. It's good to see that I can help out more than just offering donations through twitch. I am sure there are plenty of ways we can contribute now with this guild starting up! I can only hope to be able to attend most, if not all, the meetings, sessions, and event. Can't wait to meet you all!
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