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  1. subzero1313

    Share Your Facebook/YouTube Channel!!!!

    Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/subzero1313
  2. subzero1313

    FF7 Remake

    V, VI, and VII are my favorites. Shout out to IX also. I played XI for like 7 years, had over 10,000 hours logged. I'm currently deep into XIV also. I've been to Distant Worlds twice, both amazing performances. As for the remake, I have high hopes. My only concern is that most people don't realize this is a complete remake, not just an HD remaster. I get the feeling A LOT is going to be changed and I don't know how people are going to react. Hopefully we'll find out soon
  3. subzero1313

    FFXIV [Final Fantasy 14]

    Just an update: I've gotten super hooked on FF XIV over the last 2 months. I got my sch to 50, which will probably never be touched again. And my blm is currently 55. I'm about 1/2 through the HS MSQ. Loving it so far, there's just SO much content.
  4. subzero1313


    I wasn't able to make it to the meeting, but I am from Long Island. XBox 360/XboxOne: I have a 360, don't play it, don't have a One....yet. Gamertag is subzero1313 though PS3/PS4/PSVita: subzero1313, where I do most of my gaming Wii/WiiU/3DS: subzero1313. No Wii U, but will in the next week or so Steam: subzero1313. I don't own a PC, so I do nearly 0 PC gaming Twitch.tv: subzero1115. I try to stream often, always from my PS4 Twitter: @subzero1313
  5. subzero1313

    Attending PAX East 2015?

    Yeah, bring this to NYCC and I'd back it
  6. subzero1313

    What's Your Current Addiction on 3DS?

    I really need to get back into Alpha Sapphire. I got like 2 or 3 gym badges in and gave up. That and I have the limited edition Persona Q just sitting on a shelf. I need to finish Pokemon before Majoras Mask, because that will be my next addiction
  7. subzero1313

    Diablo III UEE PS4

    I have it, I'm willing to game some time. PSN is subzero1313
  8. subzero1313

    Share your Team and maybe get new members

    Team name: inFAMOUS Assassins Location: Im originally from Buffalo, but now live on Long Island. My best friend will be joining me soon, he's also from Buffalo. Anyone is welcome to join Hospital: Cohens Childrens Medical, but again, anyone can join.
  9. subzero1313

    Selling candy to raise donations.

    Yeah, I wouldn't be using any EL branding. Just buying like a box of Skittles/Starbursts, etc and having flyers to hand out for info.
  10. It's that time of year and I've been making the rounds at work asking if anyone wants to buy Girl Scout Cookies, magazine subs, etc that my daughter is selling for school. I got thinking, could I do that for EL? Say I go to a wholesaler and buy a few boxes of candy, I think they're like $15 each and come with around 30 pieces each. So I could sell them for $1 each, and then donate all the proceeds. I've read a few of the posts here and I just want to make sure that would be ok to do.
  11. subzero1313

    Angel controller decal

    Just got this guy in today
  12. subzero1313

    Favorite E for Everyone games?

    Sly games as far as I can recall should be good. Possibly a couple of inuendos that a kid probably wouldn't get, but otherwise they're great. I'm playing the Sly collection of Vita now
  13. subzero1313

    Extra Life Stream Overlays

    I like this. Clean, simple, gets to the point. PS - Just noticed youre playing for Buffalo. I assume NY? Are you from there? I grew up in Buffalo
  14. subzero1313

    Angel controller decal

    flamingtoast.com does this. I actually had the same idea. Im about to order 1 now. I've ordered with them before and they're great
  15. subzero1313

    Destiny for Extra Life

    PSN: subzero1313 I'm sure I'll be on at some point during the 24 hours. I'm fairly low level, Diablo 3 has me trapped and won't let me play Destiny