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  1. Another one of my PS4 buddies caved and got an Xbone yesterday just for Forza. I def don't have time to play it at launch, but am considering picking it up when the blackfriday sales start.
  2. Best of luck to you and Tiffany! You guys are gonna be great parents! And you will find that videogames are a good stress release valve when things get crazy (you just wont have as much time for them).
  3. Looks like Blizzard are going to announce the new expansion on 7/29, just 1 day before our event! It won't be available to download by then, but it should generate some more buzz. Exciting.
  4. Don't worry @AndrewRDU , I'll wear it next time we get together.
  5. Sounds good - will try to make it, but may be tough with the Hearthstone event the following weekend. Not sure I'll be able to make both.
  6. So we are on the calendar for July 30th at Atomic Empire in Durham. There will likely be a hearthstone tournament as well as friendly matches and plenty of goofing around! I'm pumped!
  7. @I-ninjahey could you email me an update? I havn't heard from you and never got copied on that email.
  8. @SpectreSam Did you pick it up on Xbox by any chance? If so, Jump in with me and @MajorLinux We need help!
  9. I like the idea of a Street Fighter 2 tournament, but how many people who show up are going to want to play it on SNES instead of on the cabinet? Are we able to have the whole thing on the cabinet?
  10. understood. I replied to your PM - go ahead and copy me in.
  11. Awesome! June sounds just fine, it gives us plenty of time to put everything together. What dates do they have available? Can we do a Friday or Saturday? June 18th or 19th look open on the guild calendar?
  12. Don't worry - after the first one is out, they will rush out sequels of questionable quality every year!
  13. If you're playing on Xbox one, me and a couple of friends plan on playing some more around 9pm tonight. We're pretty terrible, but should be fun! Come join!
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