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  1. Yep! I believe the option is in the sidebar on the right hand side, but I don't recall for sure. I did mine a few weeks after signing up, so I know it can be done.
  2. I look forward to this bump every year! While I love the official tool too now, I actually like to run both. I use the official XSplit extension for my team info and the Breadalert (yes, we should really coin that term) for my own personal fundraising.
  3. Updated mine to add three more years worth of icons. This time I moved away from the Zelda heart containers with a Zelda red potion, a 1up, and an invincibility star.
  4. So I'll weigh in here. I'm 6'0", 240ish. I first went to find a larger chair, one fit for someone my height in particular, but I also have broad shoulders, so chairs built for smaller people aren't ideal. I found the Kinsal Big and Tall, and at first thought I had found a great chair. It was maybe even a bit oversized for me, but quite comfortable and seemingly high quality. For the first day. Day two, I leaned on an armrest as I stood up and it snapped off in my hand. The plastic that it was mounted on just broke. I tore my arm open in the process, scraping the hell out of it. Okay, maybe a bad part, I'll figure out how to reattach it and reinforce it and just not lean on that side. 48 hours later, the same thing happened with the other arm, all while I was actually trying to NOT lean on it. To hell with that chair. $200 down the drain. I next ordered a SEATZONE Smile Face Series. It arrived, and whereas the Kinsal was oversized even for me, this thing was just tiny. Thankfully, my wife is 5'6", and this chair fit her perfectly. It was just super low for me, like I sat in it and with my feet on the floor my thighs hardly touched the seat. For her, it's the first office-style or gaming style chair she's ever sat in that allows her feet to rest comfortably on the floor in. She loves it. The quality isn't spectacular--the leather rubbed through after just a few months, from her turning the chair when she gets up and letting it hit her desk. Besides that though, it's a great chair for a smaller person. It's also quite affordable at $100. Finally, I got myself a DX Racer Formula Series. The $300 pricetag made me choke a bit, but at that point I was still riding the Kinsal with jagged sharp plastic armrest stubs that cut my arms anytime I forgot and leaned on them. The first difference here for me was that unlike previous chairs I'd had, there's no leather, it's all upholstered. I was skeptical and decided very quickly that I love it. Granted, if I spill on it it will stain, but it's so much better for long haul gaming. Without getting too graphic, extended marathons sitting in leather chairs when it's warm in the house causes issues. The upholstery is just super comfortable. The size is almost perfect. My ONLY gripe with the chair at all actually is that it sits about 2 inches lower than I'd like it to. I've been tempted to see if I can't take the base from the Kinsal which is still rotting in my garage, and swap it out to lift this one a few more inches. Even still, I love this chair and am probably a DX Racer loyalist from here on. Oh, the other thing to note--those gray footpad deals on the base pop out easily. If like me, you rest your feet on them a lot, and like me, often are wearing shoes at your desk, you WILL knock them off. They snap right back on, but it's a minor annoyance at times. Still not remotely a dealbreaker.
  5. Yeah, the one in the box which says "upgrade to platinum."
  6. Whenever I click this link, it drops me back to the main page and the URL indicates an error. Is there another way to do this? Also wanted to point that out, I imagine the link hasn't been migrated over from 2017 yet or something.
  7. Thank you for this! Had the same issue with my wife this year and this worked perfectly. Bump because this will likely be useful for others too.
  8. With mine I use it as a source in XSplit and it works pretty well. Just like any other source really.
  9. We still have a couple of days left in the year! Donations through the 31st still count towards your year totals. Post your links one more time, especially if you're super close to your goal! The last few days of December see a huge spike in charitable giving so let's ride that wave!
  10. Handy new beta feature in XSplit allows you to pull webcam broadcasts from around your LAN and broadcast them. It's shockingly simple. On the computer whose camera you want to grab, open XSplit (you may need more than one account for this, my wife and I both do so I haven't tested it without), set up whatever you want to stream from that computer (fullscreen webcam for me), and select your broadcast output as NDI Newtek (see images). Once that's live, on the computer from which you will be broadcasting to Twitch or where ever, go into Add > Streams > Newtek NDI Stream > XYZ Stream. If you have multiple computers on your network streaming, you will see all of them as options here. Once you add them, they work just like any other media source or webcam. In my house, we're having a few dozen people over with all sorts of craziness going on, and I've wanted for a while to be able to go from room to room or even show all of the rooms at once. With this, I now can. I'm not sure how long it's been there, but I just noticed it this morning for the first time. It's also in beta, so bear that in mind.
  11. Similar issue here, a friend tried to join my team and his fundraising total vanished from his page so he dropped off my team. It all came back as soon as he did that. I'll tell him to shoot support an email, but does anyone know what might cause that? I've been bugging him for months to try to get him to join my team and he finally did only to panic thinking he'd lost all his work this year.
  12. Cool, thought so. I've put out feelers on Facebook to see if someone I know is comfortable in JS to help out. Surely among the dozens of programmers I know someone can do it. Again, thanks for this! When I have a bit more cash to spare I'll toss a donation your way (changing jobs and becoming a student for a while, so finances are strained).
  13. Here's a question--is there any way to track team donations with this? In any case, love the customization options with the sounds and such, maybe I just never noticed that before but I'll definitely be using it this year. I have the OG NES 1up sound as my text tone for donation alerts, will definitely be incorporating that into the stream. Edit: Another question. As someone with nearly zero coding knowledge, I have some stuff I want to customize in terms of fonts and such. Is there a dummies' guide to how to do that? I don't see anything relevant in the html.
  14. As usual, a week and a half out trying to figure out last minute details on setting up my gameday stream and @bread_man has come through once again. Downloading this and playing with it shortly.
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