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  1. I'll be on for this... see yah at 7pm
  2. until

    Gonna have to skip this one. The current time slot on Saturdays isn't the greatest for me so I'll be a little more selective on which meetings ill be personally attending. Have a good meeting though!
  3. mostwantedmex


    Hey Mish, we have our first guild meeting of the year this Saturday at the CHLA. It starts at 4pm and completely free to come.. If you can make it to that that would be awesome. If not we will also be streaming it on our twitch channel. If you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask. Hope to see you there!
  4. I tend to jump around games depending on my mood of the day. Typically these are the top games I'm playing at the moment. Though I'm always up for playing different games if others are interested in playing. On PC: Overwatch or Heroes of The Storm On XBOX: Battlefield 1 , Overwatch, Ark I do plan on getting FFXV and Dead Rising 4 soon.
  5. I'm not sure if it was Written down during the last Meeting but I said I will be there Saturday and Sunday all day. I already have my ticket for the event so no worries on that.
  6. Alright I'm still not 100% sure if i'll be able to go but if I can I will be there for the full 24hrs. I'll bring: XBOX-ONE w/ extra controllers Gaming Laptop A couple of board games ( Telestrations, Taboo, Loaded Questions)
  7. Alright Cool, though if you could bring your own Ethernet cable and power strip that would be truly helpful. We aren't sure how many we would be able to spare Sounds good. If you could also bring your own Ethernet cable and power strip that would be really helpful since we wont know exactly how many we could spare Hey Everyone! I really encourage everyone to bring snacks and what not. Cause you know, you get a little hungry and thirsty throughout the day,
  8. Ill have you down for a spot! Got it! Sweet! Have it down
  9. Well the event is taking place at the childrens hospital on May 1st between 8am and 8pm I think building a PC there would be a great experience for people to see and learn in case anyone else is wondering how to build a PC. Pretty sure we can make that work.
  10. Hello Ladies and Gents, The Mini marathon is coming up fast. Its exactly two weeks from now! I know I'm excited how about you!?? As a member of the entertainment committee, I was given the responsibility to try and organize the entertainment aspect of the mini marathon. So for those of you who will be attending, who will be willing the bring some gear to the event?? Just provide some of your information so we can get you set up with a table to have your own spot for the mini marathon. It's usually easier if you plan to stay for the entire event if you do plan to bring something or at least be there early on to set up your station. Bringing something isn't a requirement but more entertainment is always better. Looking forward to seeing everyone there. Thanks Everyone Brian - Xbox One with Multiple Controllers and Games - Possibly my Laptop - 32" TV
  11. What's up ladies and gents. With Extra Life United just around the corner I just wanted to share some information. As you probably (or don't) already know, i'll be going this year. With that in mind I will be taking a ton of pictures and videos. One thing I will most definitely be doing is using snapchat like crazy. Cause well, its much easier than uploading on any other social media. So if you want to follow along and see what goes on, just follow me. Also if anyone else is going well let me know, we gotta meet up and show some Los Angeles Guild pride!!
  12. If needed, I'm in for both days. Just let me know
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