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    I also find Astronomy, Chaos Theory, Butterfly Effect, Virtual Reality, Human Archetyping, Antarctica, Infographics, Geospatial Engineering, Sound of Engine Deceleration, Geometric Progression, Sentence Diagramming, Phonetic Constructions,
    &c. &c. terribly interesante! ;0 ;)

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  1. Heya @alautz! TLDR - "Just Do it." ;~) <- It may go without saying. But first and foremost make a team and get you and any and all other planners, store peeps and your friends etc., involved. And make as much use of the materials and assets in as you can. While doing whatever you all want to do locally that you think will bring in and engage patrons of the store and whomever you reach out to socially. All while keeping Extra Life the focus of what its all for. <- Really going through About, Experience, and Community will give you more breadth and depth of understanding about it all. Perhaps most importantly make sure you and everyone involved has as well defined "Why?" as in why you "Extra Life" as you can. So when you're talking about it to others you'll exude a genuine without effort that people will see and feel. And you don't even have to have it defined and keep it simple and say I've only recently learned about or started participated because you liked the idea of using your passion for gaming for a good cause. Hopefully this was at least a little bit more helpful. It really boils down to knowing about the cause. Making it your own. And running with it however you see fit best. As long as its all done with good intention and positivity you can not hardly go wrong. o/ ;~)
  2. Hello @Lorim! I would definitely fill out or email directly. You might be able to determine your old login details used so you can build on your year or year participation tracking/stats. Or at the very least get your current signup siteation sorted good. o/ ;)!
  3. Hello @Jeannine, That does sound a bit messy. At this point I would either fill out here or email directly. o/ ;)!
  4. Humble Bundle - Big in Japan Sale | Humble Store
  5. Yeah, it doesn't seem as peaceable as previous years. Though I must admit I've never used it myself really. Testing it from my aol address and sending to a gmail addy it didn't render into the nice pretty image and simple showed the html code I pasted in. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ o/ ;~)
  6. Humble Bundle - Humble Comics Bundle: My Little Pony 2019 by IDW
  7. Humble Bundle - Humble Comics Bundle: Jim Henson & Friends by BOOM!
  8. There are so many ways the shaking a stick at it doesn't do it justice! I'd say interweb search it as so.. ..and pick the one that gives you the best feels. o/ ;~)
  9. Hey @frekibadwolf! Were you able to get your team created? The best/easiest place to invoke that option should be in the "Dashboard" section of your acct. Admittedly I don't know if I've ever seen the exact starting and stopping points because of always creating/recreating my team immediately at sign up. Worst case there is always the built-in "Contact Us" area that will start an albeit slightly slow process of getting your task of creating a team accomplished. Let us know if you've gotten this done already. o/
  10. Those are some really nice "Offline" graphics sir/mam. o/
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