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  1. Hello, Some of my team should be coming, just getting a final number before registering. Is there a deadline? -KDeeth
  2. Hello, I am a new Captain to my Ottawa local Extra Life team. This is my first video journal. I hope you can support me by liking and sharing it. I expect everyone here has their own teams to donate to, I'm just using this video to keep myself on track. Any feedback would be great! November comes up quick! Thank you -KD
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    Hi everyone, Name is Kevin and currently in Ottawa. Last year I raised $200 for CHEO through Extra Life and did the 24h marathon. I'm recruiting a few friends to make a team goal of $1000 this year. I've been meaning to get active with the guild, I missed the launch and work has sidelined me for quite a bit. I hope to be active this summer. Cool to meet you all! -Kevin D
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