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  1. until

    I’m working the game room again this year but would love to help out if possible.
  2. I can help out as well, leaning more towards afternoon shift vs morning, I'm happy to cover what is needed
  3. until

    Count me in for a shift on Sunday. either works. -Simon Strauss
  4. kineticmedic

    CAPE 8/5-8/6


    Stoke previous statement, I will appear to be on vacation at the time....
  5. kineticmedic

    Anime Boston


    My wife will take the Sunday shift with me and Becca. I'll pm you her info.
  6. My sister has inquired if she might be able to assist as well, she is a frequent participant in my regular marathons and I'd be happy to show her the ropes
  7. kineticmedic

    Anime Boston


    I can help Saturday or sunday
  8. until

    Simon Strauss here, Count me in for a shift on Sunday, either will be fine.
  9. until

    I can do Sunday morning
  10. Sunday morning is going to be best for me. Edited due to change in demoing plans for the weekend
  11. Count me in for one of the mornings, just need to figure out which will be better for me.
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