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  1. We partnered with a new barcade in town called Level-Up.  Through-out the day we ran high-score competitions on some of their arcade machines as well as brining a few consoles to plug into their TVs.  We've made some good connections around town, so we were able to secure some Target Gift Cards, movie tickets, etc. to be used for little prizes.  I had a laptop running on their main TV with pictures of the current high-scores to beat.  To end the day, we had a double elimination Smash Bros. Tournament.  We made a connection with the Legend of Zelda Symphony, who has generously agreed to give us two tickets for each Extra-Life event to give away to people.  On our table we had the prizes available, paper sign-up forms, Hospital pamphlets, and little knick-knacks like CMN stickers, pins, sunglasses, etc. that our hospital had available.  



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