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  1. Alright everyone.  Let's get this convo back on track.  So far ten guilds have completed logos, let's not fall behind!  Let's make this our top priority at the moment.

    So!  We can't use a state outline, for understandable reasons.  It's tough b/c Raleigh/Durham doesn't have a hugely iconic symbol for both cities.  So here are some thoughts....

    1) We combine the Raleigh + Durham skylines.  Raleigh on the left and Durham on the right.  Could look cool!  Durham has some great outlines of the water-tower or lucky strike building which are fairly iconic to the area.

    2) There was a discussion of perhaps using the oak tree on the side of the Raleigh convention center.  As seen here. I know that is only Raleigh specific, but what if we incorporated something like a Durham bull underneath it?  I'm just spit balling here!:)

    Ideas?  @CX6667 what do you think from a graphic designer standpoint?


    Battleblock theater. This simple yet addicting platformer has a narrator that compares to the great Morgan Freeman. The art style is also phenomenal with it's unique cartoony presence. The combination of it's pleasing art style and the quirky narrator allows it's somewhat lackluster story to shine through


    Did you ever play N+?  The sequal comes out next week.  I'm a sucker for difficult platformers too. 

  3. Team,

    We're currently looking for some recruitment event ideas.  Anyone have any suggestions?  We need to make a push to have as many people signed up with Extra-Life and Duke as possible!


  4. I'm really interested in everyone's top ten games of all time.  A lot of great games have come out in the past couple of years, so I made some adjustments to my list.

    Let's hear em.  List your games with ONE sentence explaining why it belongs on your list.  I'll start...

    10 - The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening - My first Zelda game still holds a lot of special memories.
    9 - Portal - One of the funniest games ever written also has some of the most mind-bending and original puzzles ever.
    8 - Bioshock - The reason I bought a 360 created a stunning, scary and addicting world to explore with one of gamings best twists ever!
    7 - The Last of Us - Emotional, beautiful and should be mandatory for all gamers to play this masterpiece.
    6 - Uncharted II - A modern day Indiana Jones gives non-stop enjoyment from the moment you pick up the controller till the credits roll.
    5 - Street Fighter II - The only fighting game that I'm good at still holds up better than most games do these days.
    4 - Bastion - Stunning artwork combined with an excellent narrative and varied combat make this a MUST play.
    3 - Max Payne 2 - It's literally tattooed on my arm, so obviously I have a lot of love for this gritty, noir-themed classic.
    2 - Super Mario 64 - The best platformer of all time brought 3D gaming to the masses.
    1 - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Does this really need an explanation?

  5. The question is how do we represent that graphically or don't we? Should it be more Duke Children's focused?

    I think it's important that we pick something that sticks to the RDU theme. We are the Raleigh-Durham Guild, not strictly Duke. Other people that get involved in the guild may have ties to other CMN hospitals.

  6. Team,

    A lot of you seem very confused on what's going on here, so I'd just like to clarify a few things. Recently we received further direction from Extra-Life on the do's and do not's of the guild program. The biggest changes concern social media and branding. Not all of these rules are new, but it's important that we put them in place and make sure we're all on the same page. Please reach out to me if you need any further clarification about anything.

    Social Media

    • Extra-Life gives us two avenues to connect with our guild members. The forums and the private Facebook group. We can no longer use any PUBLIC facing services, like Facebook, Twitter or Twitch to push our guild. The reason for this is that when we have multiple, differing and inconsistent communication channels from guild to guild, it becomes very confusing and difficult for members to hear the message.(Not to mention, a lot of work!) Not only that, but we find that it's the same "core group" that participate on these channels anyway...the message doesn't really make it to anybody new. This has been proven plenty of times through trial and error when Extra-Life pushed out the test guild program three years ago. Keep streaming! Keep tweeting about Extra-Life! Keep talking about the guild progam! We just have to keep it to our personal pages and the avenues that Extra-Life would prefer.
    • Instead of making a public guild page, we encourage all members to talk about guild activities on their own social media. Many of you are already very active and have built-in audiences that will help spread the word. For example, when tweeting about a stream you are running, make sure you tweet @ExtraLife4Kids in conjunction with the official tag #EXTRALIFE
    • The forums are very important to Extra-Life. They are the main starting point for somebody who is completely new to the charity. When they search for Extra-Life, they won't land on a Facebook page, they'll find the main website and forums. For this reason, we will be posting all major communication such as events and meeting notes to the forum first. We'll then post the link to the private Facebook page. As the link spreads out and search engines crawl the forums, the position in search results will increase and give greater awareness to the program and our guild's events.

      Guild Specific Branding
      • We know that all guilds want to make an identify for themselves. Of course we do! However, we also need to make sure that everything is consistent with the charity's guidelines. This is to ensure we have a consistent tone and that a guild table or booth at an event can be instantly identified as part of the overall Extra-Life program. For example, we can now make official logos. I made a post about it here. Let's hear some ideas!

      [*]We have a lot of creative people in the guild, which is fantastic! However, remember that since you're a part of the guild, we are formally involved with the charity. Think of it as being franchisees. Any flyer, business card, graphic or design would need to be approved by the company, right? I'm sure you've all seen the guild tool-kit, which is at the top of the private facebook group, is available to ALL guild members. Want to get creative and help us making something? Awesome! Look through the kit, read through the guidelines and we'll get it sent up for approval!

      I'm very lucky and proud to be working with such passionate people. We've had some great accomplishments over the past year and so far we're on track to blow last years recruitment and fundraising out of the water!

      Again, I just wanted to clear up any confusion. If you have any specific concerns, questions or suggestions, please reach out!

  7. Team,

    We have some exciting news! Extra-Life is rolling out official guild logos! Here is an example from Seattle.


    You'll notice that the space in the middle can be personalized to reflect each city. So my question for all of you is, what should we use for our background? Should we use the Raleigh skyline? Maybe an acorn? What do you think? Let's hear some ideas! Remember, this logo will be used on official material, such as flyers, buttons and t-shirts, so lets come up with something original and eye-catching!

  8. If internet access isn't possible our preferred method is the Access Database-Offline sign up tool that's located in the Guild toolkit. Then just export the results and send them to us.

    The alternative is to use paper sign ups, then either send them in to the national office or use the offline tool to enter them and send the export to us.

    We have a tool from donor drive that lets us import in minutes instead of having to rely on interns or others. Plus we run everything through a zip code database that correctly matches registrations to their hospital.

    We prefer you not try to add everyone to your local hospital if you're going to enter them and definitely not to your team page. We've found that if the person wasn't local or didn't wish to play for a particular hospital (playing for their home town, or where a relative received treatment for example) this can sometimes put them off participating as they take it as a requirement they play for that hospital.

    That makes things so much easier. We've been creating too much work for ourselves. Sounds good, we'll roll with the access form. Expect a bunch of sign-ups from RDU over the weekend!

  9. Hey AndrewRDU!

    In Kansas City, we try and have a laptop at conventions if possible and have them go through the process via the homepage. Often times, we will have the first page completed for the person registering so they don't have to worry about donation goals and selecting a hospital (we select our local hospital), and then they can change that information on their own time later.

    If we don't have access to the internet, we use paper forms downloaded from the Guild toolkit. Our local hospital staff will actually enter them in for us so we don't have maybe reach out to your local hospital and see if they can do it for you?

    Thanks for the info! We'll have internet access at this event, but we're expecting it to be quite busy, so we'll more than likely use the access form as well as paper forms.

  10. We have a rather large event his Saturday for 4th of July in downtown Raleigh. After reading through the Guild Program Handbook that was recently added to the tool-kit, our team has some questions concerning best practices when it comes to “full-sign ups”.

    • We’re assuming that Extra-Life would prefer a full-sign-up when possible. By this, I mean, we have a laptop available at a public event and the attendee goes through the ENTIRE sign-up process on the main website.
    • If an internet connection is not possible, our two options then become using the paper forms or the access form in the tool-kit. When entering these sign-ups, do we go through the “sign up another participant” section and have our team input them one by one? Or are we able to send an excel sheet to corporate and have them input it on their end? In addition, if we have to use these two options, is that still considered a full sign-up? Or does it only count if the attendee goes through the entire process…ie, entering email, creating password, etc?

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

  11. Addi,

    Thank you very much for sharing your story about Diego with us. I'm glad he's doing well and I'm thrilled that he's thinking of all the other kids in Duke Children's Hospital. How thoughtful of him!

    Next Friday, the 15th, the Extra-Life RDU Guild will be participating in a gaming session with the kids at Duke. During these play sessions, volunteers from our group bring in their own gaming consoles, with kid friendly games to the hospital and get to hang out with the children who are waiting for treatments. We will be set-up in the front lobby, as well as some other random rooms around the hospital. Due to the schedules of the hospital staff, it's very difficult for us to currently schedule these events during a weekend, so I understand if it may be difficult for yourself and Deigo to attend. The event starts at 1:00PM and will go on for at-least a couple of hours. If you haven't done so already, check us our on Facebook to see what upcoming events we have scheduled at the following link.

    I love his idea of setting up a tournament for the kids. If you're able to attend on the 15th, I'd love to hear his ideas. It's easy to lose sight of why we are so passionate about this charity and I love the idea of putting a more personal face on our hospital socials. There are so many amazing kids, like your son, who we'd love to build a relationship with. We're holding a guild meeting this evening. If by any chance you see this, please feel free to join us at one of the Duke offices at 710 West Main Street in Durham this evening. Our meeting runs from 7-9PM. If you want to send me a personal email, you'll find the address below. Please reach out and hopefully we can arrange something!

    All the best,

    Andrew Nicol

    President Extra-Life RDU





    Greetings! Welcome to the Extra-Life RDU Guild!

    My name is Andrew Nicol, President of this amazing group of RDU gamers who are looking to do their best to help heal some sick kids. Locally, we play for Duke Children's Hospital in Durham, NC. Below you will find links to all our various social media efforts, list of contacts, etc.

    President - Andrew Nicol - aka @AndrewRDU

    Vice President - Marcus Summers - aka @MajorLinux

    Secretary - Steven Sober - aka @SobeDog007

    Hospital Partner - Keri Christianson - aka @Kommander Keri

    Team Page - If you haven't done so already, make sure you register for Extra-Life 2016 and join our team page!

    Facebook Private Page - This is where we encourage all of our guild members to start conversations with each other and collaborate on any ideas for events, contact others for volunteer needs or simply just talk about gaming in general. You will need to request access to the group, so it may take a day or two before the mods approve it.

    If you have any other questions, please e-mail me directly at

    Andrew Nicol
    President - ExtraLife RDU Guild

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