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  1. Oh!  We're pulling TOTAL hospital stats now!?  I'm sorry, I thought we were talking GUILD stats!  That's cool!  Typical of John Cena fans to fudge the figures!


    Current TOTAL Fundraising Stats (rounded)

    Raleigh/Durham = 500
    Boston = 1,500

    Total Hospital $ Raised
    Raleigh/Durham = $42,000
    Boston = $116,00

    Avg Donation Per Person
    Raleigh/Durham = $84
    Boston = $77

    Yea!  You guys have more people signed up!  You're John Cena!  You're huge!  But, Seth Rollins is by far the more efficient champion!  You got nothing!!


    Name the time!  We settle this with Rocket League on Saturday!!!


  2. Ok, Boston!  We're throwing down a challenge!  Currently you guys are beating us in fundraising!  UNACCEPTABLE!  As of right now here is where we're at...



    You know who else lives in Massachusetts?  JOHN CENA!  And right now, he's laughing that he's beating Raleigh/Durham in fundraising!




    Well, I'm calling you out.  Right now!  The REAL champ is HERE and it's not Boston, it's RALEIGH/DURHAM!!!!!  We are Seth Rollins.  We are the champs of Extra Life!



    What you got Boston!?  How about a friendly wager!?  Shall we say Rocket League? Meet us in the cage!  This Saturday, November 7th!


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  3. So it's very unfortunate that I need to address this topic, but to be frank, I wouldn't have to talk about it if we hadn't had some complaints and it wasn't a very real issue.  Yes.....I'm talking about the issue of Gamer Stink, also known as personal hygiene.  This is awkward for everyone to talk about, but let me preface this by saying, we're all friends.  Seriously.  If you're reading this, you're a friend.   As a friend I would hope that if I smelled bad, you'd tell me.  SO!!!  Please read the following rules concerning hygiene in preparation for this Saturday.....

    • Shower before you leave the house, NOT the night before.

    • Wear deodorant….infact bring a stick with you!

    • Wear freshly laundered clothes.

    • Bring a change of clothes with you.

    • Be respectful of others.  The only thing worse than knowing you’re the smelly kid, is having to sit next to one.

    • Like last year, baby wipes and body spray will be available.  

    • PLEASE don’t make me call you out on Saturday.  It’s awkward for everyone.

    • This is formally laid out in the guild handbook.  You MUST abide by these rules.  Every company and organization has policies like this.  Extra Life is no different.  

    • YOU formally represent the charity AND the hospital.

    • Please know this isn’t meant to be insulting, but we wouldn’t be addressing it if it wasn’t a problem.


    Again...this is awkward, however it's a very real problem. Please cooperate in making this a non-issue for Saturday, but understand that if there are complaints, they will be addressed on a one-on-one basis and NOBODY wants that. And once again, this isn't meant to come off as mean spirited or aggressive, it's just an unfortunate reality.

    Your friend,


    P.S. - Please keep all comments on this mature and professional.

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  4. mission-accomplished.jpg?w=560


    As of 12:16 PM today, we officially hit our goal of 450 players signed up for Duke Children's Hospital! Congrats everyone! You should all be very proud of yourselves for spreading the word of Extra Life!

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  5. The place looks awesome! Super spacious and real nice design!
    What do we have for tables and seating though?
    We've got a lot of people signed up for the event and I don't really see too many proper tables on the pictures (I counted up 5).
    I'm sure some of the console players will be happy with the booths and couches, but I'm not sure if we got enough surfaces for PCs and people who have a lot of stuff (cough, Marcus, cough :D).
    They probably have more in the storage, but Andrew might want to get in touch with them just to make sure.
    Also we might want to figure out how we can arrange all the seatings so we're in 1 group and not spread out across the whole place :D

    The pictures don't really do it justice.  It's hard to get a good picture of the whole room.  There are lots of benches, high-top tables, etc.  There are also tables that can be rolled out if we run out of space, which I doubt we will.  Personally, I like the idea of having more room and being a little more spread out and less cramped.  If anything, it will help with the "gamer-funk" we generate.

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  6. Recruitment Stats - 2014 vs 2015 (32 days out from Nov. 7th)

    • 2014 - 280
    • 2015 - 274
    • Need 179 more to hit our goal of 450 by gameday!

    Fundraising Stats (all players for Duke) - 2014 vs 2015

    • 2014 - $5,652
    • 2015 - $28,796 ($18k from Jason Guude, but even if we take that out, $10,796 is almost double last year! Awesome!)

    Guild Fundraising

    • $2,584 of our $10,000 goal

    Guild Ranking

    • 64th out of 3,945 registered teams!
    • 4th in guild fundraising
         1) Jacksonville - $7,112
         2) Indianapolis - $6,627
         3) Denver - $3,305
         4) Raleigh/Durham - $2,584

    Tabletop Appreciation Weekend

    • Program was a big success, bringing in 750 new players and raising over $170,000!

    Ubisoft Charity Jam

    • Got to tour Red Storm studio and participate in their section of the streaming event.  Red Storm chose to donate to Extra Life.  The event raised $82,388 world-wide with $2,791 raised for Extra Life!

    Extra Life United

    • Feb 23rd-26th.  Registration is now open!  <---Check out the link for more info.  $199 fee includes select meals, entry fee, tournament access, t-shirt + other Momentum events.  Park passes can be added for $49 each.  I was lucky enough to attend this event last year and would highly recommend going if you're able.

    NC Comicon

    • Nov 13th - 15th.  Extra Life will be advertised on their website soon, with possibly more involvement.  Keri is meeting with them today.  Red Storm will be in attendance, with their first public demo of The Division.

    November 7th Checklist

    • Donation page complete and personalized?
    • Fundraising goal set?
    • Forum profile complete? Link to donation page?
    • Start spreading the word on social media / email!


    Recruit 5 people before Nov. 7th. This should be super easy and would be a BIG help to reach our goal of 450 registered players!  Start getting the word out on social media, emails, talking to co-workers.  Print off some flyers and get recruiting!



  7. For those who attended our meeting this past Tuesday, this is old news, but for everyone else, all the paperwork is signed and we can finally reveal our location for November 7th!  

    We are very excited to announce that we will be gaming at The Frontier of RTP.  Check out the video to give you an idea of the space.

    The Frontier located in the center of RTP and is a super-modern, shared office space.  The venue allows anyone to drop-in and have meetings completely free of charge.  The space is HUGE and has plenty of tables, chairs, couches, projectors, power outlets that pull down from the ceiling and most importantly has very fast internet.  Check out a few pictures below.  I don't think we could have hoped for a better location!  Who's excited!?







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  8. Hey everyone, sorry for the delay in getting this up. Here are some upcoming recruitment events that we need some volunteers for.  Click on each event for details, let us know if you can help and please RSVP.

    10/12 - Boxcar Bar + Arcade - Event is covered, but you should come hang out anyway!:D
    10/16 - Friday Night Tributes @ North Hills Gamestop - VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!
    10/26 - Halo 5 Midnight Launch @ The Microsoft Store - NEED AS MANY VOLUNTEERS AS POSSIBLE!

    Thanks everyone!  let us know if there are any other recruitment opportunities!

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  9. Hey all,

    We're currently looking for some local businesses to partner with on November 7th who would be open to help cater the big event at little to no cost.  If anyone has any ideas of some places that would consider donating some food to help feed some hungry gamers, please let me know!  We're currently reaching out to the major pizza chains and drink companies, as well as some smaller local restaurants and bars.

    Any ideas?  Lets hear em!


  10. Mario Maker does look awesome. I cant wait to play it. If you get a Wii U post your nintendo ID here so we can share our levels.


    I just uploaded a Raleigh/Durham Guild Level - F2B2-0000-0071-86BF

  11. That's a wonderful story, thank you for sharing!  Two things:  1) The link at the end of your post doesn't go to your donation page, it links back here.  2) You should share your wonderful, personal story on your donation page.  Customize it then share it with your friends and family.  Everyone has their own reason for participating.  Some people have a family member that lost a battle, some know a friend who is currently fighting one, or some people just want to do some good in the world.  Make sure you tell the world on your donation page and you'll have a better chance of raising more money.  I'm pretty sure you'll smash that $100 goal!

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