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  1. Team,


    We're trying to get as much stuff on the calendar as possible and we need some more recruitment events for the next few months!  Anybody know of anything coming up in the next few months we could have a presence at?  Let's hear some ideas!

  2. On 3/18/2016 at 4:23 PM, MajorLinux said:

    Most of us have it on PS4. I think a couple on PC. I wouldn't mind playing against others. My president just has some issues and loves to challenge everyone to a

    *Friendly competition



  3. Sounds great man!  We'd be happy to help you find a place.  Sounds like you've got a good start though.  We've found that it's surprisingly difficult to find venues that are 1)Big enough 2) Have good internet 3) Are available for 24-hours and 4)Come at little to no cost.  Do you have a contact over at state?  

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  4. 16 hours ago, MajorLinux said:

    I'll settle for Guild vs Guild Dark Zone in The Division.

    Some of us can't afford to buy the same game for TWO consoles!  


    1 hour ago, Quaseymoto said:


    I would represent RVA (poorly). Can we get a few more folks to join?


    Hit up your fellow guild members and see if we can get something going!

  5. Thank you very much to all those who attended last night's meeting.  If you weren't there, you'll find all the notes below!


    Recruitment Re-cap

    • 2014 - Goal = 400 - Actual = 670
    • 2015 - Goal = 450 - Actual = 625

    Fundraising Re-cap

    • Guild
      • 2014 = $7,860
      • 2015= $12,325
    • Hospital
      • 2014 = $46,415
      • 2015 = $92,135 (awesome!!)
    • Extra Life as a whole
      • 2014 = $6,100,000
      • 2015 = $8,361,187
    • Team
      • Ranked 52nd of 6,459 teams! Amazing!!!
      • Ranked 4th in guilds who created a team.
      • Raised more money than Nintendo!

    Setting Goals for 2016

    • Recruitment = 751 Participants by end of year
    • Team Fundraising = $15,000 by end of year
    • Hospital Total = $110,000 by end of year


    Golden Thumbs-Up Awards

    • Fundraising
      1. Peter Maloney
      2. Andrew Nicol
      3. Steven Sober
      4. Tony Baracca
      5. Juxcraft
    • Enthusiasm Award
      • Charlie Millard
    • Extra Lifetime Achievement
      • Steven Sober

    Extra Life United Re-cap with Marcus

    • Marcus aka @MajorLinux and Keri aka @Kommander Kerispoke at length about their experiences at Extra Life United 2016 and shared pictures of the event.

    New in 2016

    • Guild Entertainment Committee added to open positions
    • Guild Landing Pages - This would be a good page to bookmark.  Once complete it will contain our logo, contact information, upcoming calendar events + recent forums topics all on one page.  This is also a handy URL to share with people.
    • FB Group to be phased out - Not concrete date, but more than likely, come May, the FB group will be deleted.  All communication will be done on the forums.  This will effect all guilds, in-fact the recently launched guilds didn't receive one at all. This means that the forums will be even more important this year.
    • Recruitment app for iOS + Android.  This is great news.  You can now download an app for your phone or tablet to sign people up for Extra Life on the spot!  Now when you are casually speaking about the program with people, you can register them immediately.

    Open Leadership Positions

    • We discussed in further detail the three open positions, Secretary and Entertainment Committee(x2).  If you are interested in apply, please check THIS POST for all details.  Applications close on March 16th!!!





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  6. On 2/29/2016 at 3:39 PM, SobeDog007 said:

    I realize there is going to be a lot of content in the meeting, but if we have a few minutes could we discuss holding a 12-hour event at Kramden later this month (or early April)?

    If not I will post a new thread in the forum


    Also, if anyone is down for a bar run after the meeting count me in!



    Yup, totally down for a 12-hour very soon. 

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  7. Team,


    Just wanted to share a few thoughts on what we've been able to accomplish for Extra Life and Duke Children's Hospital in 2015.


    First off, thank you!  Seriously.  This wouldn't have been possible without you.  This is only the second year for the guild program in the Raleigh/Durham area, but what we've been able to accomplish in that short time has been extraordinary.  Not only have we raised a ton of money for the kids, we've built relationships with important partners like Microsoft, Red Storm Entertainment, Boxcar, Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts, just to name a few.  We've worked hard to make ourselves more visible in the community and because of this, we've earned a reputation.  This is what I'm the most proud of.  It feels fantastic to be approached by other organizations who have heard about the great work we're doing for Duke Children's Hospital. 


    Year to date, through all our various efforts, you've helped us raise an astounding $91,711.  Incredible.  We've almost doubled our entire fundraising from last year.  Thank you, so much. 

    We're going to take the next couple of months to enjoy some well earned relaxation, but fear not, we will kick off 2016 with a bang!  Our first meeting will be on March 1st.  During this meeting will be doing a detailed re-cap of last year, our wins, opportunities and our goals for 2016.  In addition, we will also be holding an election for leadership positions.  So if you want to become more involved with us, start putting your resume and ideas together!


    Finally, I want to wish you all a safe and enjoyable holiday!  I hope Santa brings you lots of gaming goodies and you're able to take some time with your family, friends and enjoy this time of year.


    Many thanks,





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  8. Nice video!  That Frontier place is some pretty sweet digs.  I was particularly mesmerized by what looked like one guys black mid-tower having "hexogonal"? mirror pieces on or around the middle of it..?  Maybe they were squares but I was trying will the camera back for a closer look!  ;0 ;)~

    But well done.  Made me realize we should have attempted a group picture and should have a nice thank you video after.  About what time was the group picture taken..?

    o/  ;)

    Group picture was taken around 315 in the afternoon.  

  9. This seems like it was lost. The venue tomorrow is WIFI only. Top-notch wifi, but there isn't an easy way for the venue to run ethernet! PC players without a wifi adapter, please prepare for this! If this is an issue for you, I'd recommend going to walmart and buying a cheap USB adapter. Andrew Nicol President - Extra-Life Raleigh/Durham Guild

  10. loading.gif


    Just a friendly reminder.  Today would be a great day to go ahead and update the games you plan on playing during the marathon.  I just bought Until Dawn and found that it came with a 9-GB patch!  Yikes!  Please make sure all your firmwares, patches and updates are downloaded before tomorrow!

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