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  1. Anyone going to jump on Uncharted 4 in a couple of weeks?  I just recently finished the first game in the Nathan Drake Collection and plan to play through 2 + 3 again before the new one comes out.  This will be my fifth playthrough of 2, but I've only beaten 3 once.  Really excited to see how the story ends.  Please don't kill Sully!

  2. 40 minutes ago, I-ninja said:

    Alright  the venue  has be decided  and the website  should be up next week. That being  said, if anyone is willing to be an artist, could really  use the help.

    Cool!  Hope to see you at our May meeting to hear all the details! 

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  3. 25 minutes ago, SpectreSam said:

    So will anything still be on facebook or no? Also why must all these events be right at the times I'll be getting shot at ha?


    We still don’t have a solid date yet from the national office on when exactly the Facebook Group will be deleted.  The only thing we know is a “rough estimate” of May.  This is something that is completely out of our control, which makes it all the more important for everybody to bookmark the forums and spend more time paying attention to them. 


    Facebook might be convenient for a lot of people, but not everyone uses it and having to constantly cross-post the same information that people can find on here does nothing but add more work to the leadership team.  The one thing I can guarantee is that the most current and detailed information will be found on here.  It’s up to everyone else how involved in the program they want to be.  I’m of the opinion that asking everyone to check in on here more frequently, is certainly not too much to ask.  


    I’m currently in the process of creating a “how to use the forums” guide that will show everyone just how easy it is to use.  I’ll update you all as soon as I hear anything, but in the meantime, we will continue to cross-post most things to Facebook as we make the transition.


    Sorry we don’t get to see you much man!  Think you’ll be in our neck of the woods anytime soon?

  4. 4 hours ago, Charlie Millard's mom said:

    They wanted me to send them some info about Extra Life and request a date. I'm thinking Maybe 4/23? I'm not sure how these things work.

    That's great that they're open to having us there!  Thank you so much for asking them!  The 23rd might be a liiiitle too soon to put something together.  We have several upcoming recruitment events, which are slightly understaffed at the moment.  Perhaps we can get something put in the calendar for May?  And yes, I have a supply of flyers, banners, CMN goodies, etc. that we use at all of our events.  Let @MajorLinux and look at the calendar and get back to you.  Family night sounds perfect though!  I just want to make sure we have some people available to cover it.  


    At the top of our forums, you'll find these two links...  


    Raleigh-Durham Guild Homepage - Our homepage is where we have a list of contacts, as well as upcoming events for the next 30 days and recent forum posts.  It's a good one to bookmark and see what we're up to at a glance.

    Guild Calendar - Again, probably another good one to bookmark.  Any guild member that is hosting an event can add something to the calendar.

  5. 2 hours ago, SobeDog007 said:

    Welcome to our new secretary... Steven Sober... oh wait that's me!

    That made me laugh.



    2 hours ago, SobeDog007 said:

    Attention Streamers!  The Official Extra Life Channel has lots of openings; simply apply on the forum.

    For anyone that is interested, you can put your application in here....


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  6. On 3/25/2016 at 6:37 AM, KurtBlancaflor said:

    I'm no good at picking favorite things, but my most recent obsession is over Undertale! 

    I really need to get on this.  Think there is a chance it will ever make it to consoles?  I'd love to play it on my Vita.

    Back to the topic, I can't believe nobody has mentioned the obvious choice....



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  7. Team,


    Sorry for the last minute change, but due to an unexpected event at my work, we need to change the venue of our April meeting.  WE WILL NO LONGER BE MEETING AT THE DUKE OFFICES.  For this meeting, we will be at the Level Up Kitchen and Barcadium in downtown Raleigh.  My apologies for the confusion!  Event page + address has been updated. 



  8. I'm of the opinion that articles like this don't belong on the front page of this community.  It seems like this contains a lot of opinion, hearsay and clearly, not all the facts are in.  As a guild president, who has been involved in this program for many years now, I don't think the tone or content of this piece is appropriate.  Just my opinion, but things like this belong on a personal blog, not a children's charity forum.  I'm open to having in depth discussions about issues like this, I just don't think it should be taking place here. 

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  10. Hey everyone!  We've secured a spot at the East Coast Game Convention!  Woo!!  This is a three day event, so we need as much help as we can get for this one!  Please check out the event page and let us know ASAP!  I don't want to have to work our booth all by myself!:lol:



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  11. I originally played in on Wii, but I also picked it up for Wii-U.  It feels a little more stiff than I remember, but I think it has some of the best dungeons in the series.  Also, Midna is such a wonderful character.  Easily my favorite Link companion from the series.  Her story is heartbreaking. 

  12. On Wednesday, March 23, 2016 at 7:31 PM, VanHamilton said:

    I'm putting a band together for the occasion with the intent of playing a lot of the video game cover songs that I do ( for those interested) - I think it'd be great to have live music as well as possibly a Mario Kart tournament happening as well? Something along those lines. know if I can clarify anything or help out in any way.


    First off, these covers are AWESOME!!!  Subscribed!

    Have you thought about the idea or playing at a local place like Boxcar?  They have musicians on their patio throughout the summer.  I have a contact there that wants us to be a part of the tournament nights on Wednesdays.  Maybe we could combine forces?

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