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  1. This may get a little long-winded, so I apologize in advance!  For those that attended our final meeting of the year in November, this is old news, but I wanted to pass it along to everyone else.


    As of the end of this year, I have decided to step down as acting President of the Extra Life Raleigh/Durham Guild.  This hasn’t been an easy decision for me to make, but I do know that it’s the right one.  I’ve had the pleasure of overseeing this wonderful group of passionate gamers for the past three years.  I’m not going to lie, it’s not always been easy and it’s not always been fun, but watching how we’ve been able to grow over the past few years is something that I’m personally very proud of.  We started out as a small group of gamers who wanted to make a difference and help spread the word of charity that we all love.  Now we’re working with local businesses, conventions, venues, game developers and other non-profits.  We’ve become recognizable in the area, we’ve continually improved our registration numbers and raised more and more money for the hospital every year.  This shows me that the guild program is very important and makes a big difference.  I think it’s been easy for us to lose sight of the goal.  Constant recruitment efforts can get exhausting, but they are the single best way for us to grow the program locally.  I know it’s been hard work, but we have made a difference and I know we’ll continue to do the same throughout 2017.


    So this begs the question….who will taking over?  Well, to be honest, we’re not 100% sure at the moment, which is why I’m asking for you help.  I’m sure Marcus and Steve will be filling in some gaps, but I would encourage anyone that may be interested to let us know.  We’ll have a more formal application process as we get closer to our 2017 Kick-Off meeting, but in the meantime, if you want to help us continue to grow and become more formally involved in the guild, please look over the Guild Leadership Roles and Responsibilities.


    As normal, we’ll be kicking off 2017 in March.  We will have one or two recruitment opportunities that we can’t pass up on before then, but for now, please mark your calendars for our first meeting of the year to be on March 7th.


    Although I will no longer be on the leadership team, you better believe I’m still going to be an active guild member.  I hope you will continue to support whoever takes over for me.  Heck, they’ll probably do a better job than I ever could!  :)

    Lots of love, for the kids,

    Andrew Nicol

  2. Restarting this thread!


    I just picked up Virginia for the PS4 last night.  I only played for about an hour b/c I had to finish season two of Mr. Robot, but so far it's absolutely fantastic.  I've said it many times before, but I love more accessible, bite sized, "indie" games these days.  The art style is fantastic and despite having no voice-acting whatsoever, the creators are able to convey a lot of emotion.  I'm going to finish it up tonight.  After that, I'm going to get back into Deus Ex, which I'm very slowly making my way through.  Gotta hack all the things!

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  3. Hey everyone!

    A few people have already asked, and for those that were in attendance at our meeting, this past Wednesday, you’re already aware, but I wanted to go into detail about our plans for the 24-hour marathon this year.  November 5th is fast approaching and I know that some people are already making plans.  This may be a little lengthy, so I’ll just get straight to it!

    In short, we will not be hosting a large public event this year.  This is for a few reasons….


    1. Finding large venues that can accommodate 100+ people come at a significant cost to the hospital. Last year it took a tremendous amount of work for the leadership team to find a venue that was big enough, had internet, and was available for more than 24 hours.  Even though we negotiated a discount, the venue still came at a very large financial cost to the hospital.  Although we did an amazing job with our fundraising, this year the hospital is understandably not very enthusiastic about spending the same amount of money.  They have also pointed out that while hosting a large gathering like last year is a great time, it’s not required by the program, creates a lot of work and actually isn’t something that most guilds do.
    2. As most of you know, our VP, Marcus aka @MajorLinux and his lovely wife are expecting a new-born any day now.(Actually at the time I type this, any minute!)  Obviously, life is about to change drastically for them both and Marcus is about to have a whole different set of priorities.  He has put in an incredible amount of effort to support Extra Life this year, as he always has.  He deserves some time off…if you call taking care of a new-born time off!  Thank you for everything you've done, sir!
    3. My dad is turning 70 on November 7th. Obviously, it’s going to be a big celebration.  What’s making it even more special is that I have family coming in from out of town.  Most of you know that my family lives all over the world.  Scotland, Los Angeles and Australia!  Family gatherings are a very rare thing in my life, so I’m sure everyone will understand that my priorities lie with them that weekend.


    Finally, as I stated at our meeting, I’m fully confident that this will have no effect whatsoever on our fundraising.  At the end of the day, this program is about as raising as much money as possible for the kids at Duke Children’s Hospital.   Most of us started out participating in Extra Life with just a small group of friends and were able to do an incredible amount of fundraising for the hospital by organizing smaller events with our friends and family.  This year, I encourage everyone to do the same.  Just because we can’t all get together on November 5th doesn’t mean that we’re not going to smash our goal of $15,000 as a guild!  


    I’m disappointed that we can’t do a big event this year, I really am!  Just ask @MajorLinux, @SobeDog007 and @Kommander Keri.  Unfortunately, due to nobody’s fault, we simply don’t have the resources or the means to do it. Again, I hope everyone is understanding to the unique circumstances this year. 

    As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!  I’ll see you all online on November 5th!


    For the kids,


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  4. On 8/1/2016 at 10:45 AM, SpectreSam said:

    I've looked a little into We Happy Few it's definitely interesting I'm just not sure if it's been developed enough to buy into yet. Still seems way too Early Access

    That game looks right up my alley.  I'm excited that "Inside" is coming to PS4 much quicker than expected.  Other than that, I'm just counting down the days to Deus Ex!

  5. Who's coming to play some games on Saturday?  Incase you missed it, we're running a 12-hour marathon at the Kramden Institute in Durham this Saturday, the 23rd.  If you haven't done so already, please RSVP on the event page.

    In addition, I've got a little bit of homework for those that plan on attending.  It's just over 100 days until our big 24-hour event on November 5th, so I think it's time we start pushing our fundraising.  If you plan on attending the 12-hour event, please have the following items ready...


    • Register for Extra Life 2016 in support of Duke Children's Hospital (hopefully you've done this already!)
    • Join the Raleigh-Durham Guild Team
    • Customize your donation page

    The last item is the most important.  As I've said many times before, we are all involved in Extra Life for different reasons.  Some of us spent time in a children's hospital when we were young, some of us have a sick family member and some of us simply just like to play video-games for a good cause.  These are all fantastic reasons to be a part of the program.  Make sure you tell us your story on your donation page, add some pictures, links to your twitch page, etc.  People are much more likely to donate if they know WHY you are playing for Extra Life.

    Once all that is complete, let's start getting the word out!  The 12-hour marathon seems like the perfect time to hop on twitter, send out some emails, stream on twitch or update your facebook and encourage people to donate.  Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend, but if you have any questions, please contact @MajorLinux or @SobeDog007!  

    Game on, For The Kids!

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  6. Team!  We've made a contact with the ladies of The Carolina Rollergirls and they've given us the go-ahead to recruit at their events.  They have an event coming up on Saturday, July 16th and we could use two people to run a recruitment table.

    The event takes place at the Raleigh Convention Center in Downtown Raleigh. Doors open at 4PM, with the game starting at 5PM.  We'll need two people there to set up 30 minutes before doors open.  Responsibilities include setting up and running a game demo, explaining the Extra Life program to people and helping attendees through the registration process.  Do we have anyone that can please help?  Please let us know ASAP!

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