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  1. @MajorLinux @JerichoTVB @NC_Villan @GameOverGreggy @ExtraLife4Kids Throwing out a challenge Greg. Can you raise as much money as us!?
  2. @MajorLinux On a serious note. Assassins Creed: Celtic Warfare would be incredible.
  3. Not to brag....but I just made five people in a row forfeit at @RocketLeague
  4. @JasonBiggs Stay alive
  5. LIVE on #Periscope: Kitty + IT Crowd
  6. Season 2 of Broadchurch is on netflix. So good. Go watch it.
  7. Curious who is really digging into the site with all the new changes.  What does everyone think?

  8. Finally sitting down to play some Witcher 3!

  9. Work, work, work!

  10. LIVE on #Periscope: Trivia at Ruckus with Jake and Andrew!
  11. testing, one two one two

  12. That ladder spot was insane and will be replayed for years. #laddermatch #tlc #wwe #holyshit
  13. LIVE on #Periscope: #FeelTheBern
  14. @willoneill From someone who has dealt with their own struggles, the "From Me to You" trophy really got to me. Thank you.This is beautiful.
  15. @MajorLinux No biggie.
  16. @itsjacobes sucks to suck
  17. @pettycommajared You're Sunset Riders vitory was hysterical. Made me chuckle while eating breakfast.
  18. @MajorLinux @MrArcys nahhh I'm just one guy
  19. @gaylehurd1 I can send you cat pictures in here now.
  20. @TomassoLP Thanks man! Also, thanks to you guys for everything you've done for the hospital this year!
  21. @MajorLinux i just like collecting them, plus being able to loan somebody a game is nice!
  22. Wrestling is so insanely dumb at times. Yes, I'm 31.
  23. @jimjefferies Had a fantastic time in Durham last night. Thanks for coming! So sorry for the "MERICA!" guy in the crowd. Cheers!
  24. One day I'll do twitter again. Ah, who am I kidding?
  25. @UntilDawnPS4 is super stressful and I'm loving every second. You know a horror game is good when you have to take a breather occasionally!
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