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  1. I think I can eat ramen for the next few months.... Sold! ....anyone want a second-hand kidney?
  2. Triforce candy! We had a blast at the performance. Loved all the cosplayers.
  3. Just read about the passing of Franklin from Doc on Facebook. Extremely sorry to hear the news. Sending warmest wishes, fondest regards and a lot of hugs from the entire Raleigh/Durham Guild. For The Kids <3
  4. Hey all, We're currently looking for some local businesses to partner with on November 7th who would be open to help cater the big event at little to no cost. If anyone has any ideas of some places that would consider donating some food to help feed some hungry gamers, please let me know! We're currently reaching out to the major pizza chains and drink companies, as well as some smaller local restaurants and bars. Any ideas? Lets hear em!
  5. Hey everyone! Very, very last minute, but if anyone is interested I'll be up at Atomic Empire tomorrow night from 6pm - 9pm. Calendar and specifics here. No pressure or anything, but if you want to come hang, I'll be there!
  6. until
    Last Minute Recruitment Event @ Atomic Empire 6pm - 9pm This one totally slipped by us. Completely forgot that this weekend is Tabletop Appreciation Weekend! To help celebrate, I'll be up at Atomic Empire in Durham tomorrow night from 6pm - 9pm. If you'd like to come help keep me company, sign some people up and maybe play some Fluxx, let me know! Depending what happens with the rain, this may be weather permitting. If you want to come hang, let me know on here or call me at (919) 522-6193! Atomic Empire 3400 Westgate Dr #14B Durham, NC 27707 -Andrew
  7. until
    The Raleigh / Durham Extra Life Guild will be at Boxcar from 6PM until we decide to go home! No but really, I'll be there at 6PM signing people up until the crowds die down. Come hang out, play some games, enjoy $3 drafts with two free tokens and of course, spread the word of Extra Life! Looking for one or two people who could help out. Pretty laid back evening. Nothing too stressful, just a relaxed night. Come say hi! 330 W Davie St Raleigh, NC 27601 6pm - whenever!
  8. Red Storm participated in Ubisoft's annual Charity Jam. They very kindly decided to donate to Extra Life and helped raise money for Duke Children's Hospital in Durham, NC. Raleigh/Durham Guild President Andrew Nicol (@AndrewRDU) and guild member Tony Baracca were in attendance and helped explain the program to viewers on the stream.
  9. From the album: Ubisoft Charity Jam @ Red Storm

    signed by everyone that worked on the game
  10. From the album: Ubisoft Charity Jam @ Red Storm

    raising money for Duke Children's Hospital in Durham, NC
  11. until
    The Microsoft Store has asked us to be a part of their big Halo 5 midnight release. According to their staff, they have almost 300 pre-orders and have a bunch of prizes and giveaways for their event. The game will be on demo the whole evening along with a tournament and a few other surprises! Microsoft Store 6910 Fayetteville Rd #174 Durham, NC 27713 Of course, we'll be there focusing on getting people signed up for Extra Life and having them attend our big event, less than two weeks later. If you're available to help out, please RSVP below. Thanks!
  12. until
    Hey everyone! It's time for our monthly meeting! This will be our second to last meeting before the big 24-Hour event in November. We'll have a lot of planning to do and will need as much help as possible with recruitment in October. This is our final push to raise as much awareness about Extra Life as possible before game-day. We're almost there and I'm very proud of everything we've done in 2015, but we can't slow down yet. Let's keep pushing, for the kids! We'll be meeting at our usual location. Duke Hospital Offices 710 West Main St. Durham, NC 27701 In preparation, please do the following... Bring a friend! Do your best to try and bring a fellow gamer, co-worker, businesses owner that might be able to help or be a part of the program!This should be done already, but if you're reading this, you're obviously on the Community Hub. If you haven't done so, please register a username on here and sign up in support of Duke Children's Hospital. It's a BIG, BIG help! I'm proud that our guild has some of the most active members on the entire site, let's keep that going! Make some posts, talk to your fellow Extra Lifers!Have your donation page made AND personalized. This is important guys. Let's lead by example and tell everyone our Extra Life story and why we're doing this.Once you've done the above, make sure you've joined our team page.Be ready to share what you're going to do for recruitment in the next month. We're still pretty short of our goal of 450 registered for Duke. So please be ready to talk about what you've done since our last meeting AND what you plan to do in this very important month before the big day! Don't make me call people out!:)See you all there! -Andrew
  13. I just uploaded a Raleigh/Durham Guild Level - F2B2-0000-0071-86BF
  14. That's a wonderful story, thank you for sharing! Two things: 1) The link at the end of your post doesn't go to your donation page, it links back here. 2) You should share your wonderful, personal story on your donation page. Customize it then share it with your friends and family. Everyone has their own reason for participating. Some people have a family member that lost a battle, some know a friend who is currently fighting one, or some people just want to do some good in the world. Make sure you tell the world on your donation page and you'll have a better chance of raising more money. I'm pretty sure you'll smash that $100 goal!
  15. Anyone in here going to pick up the Uncharted Collection when it launches on October 9th? What's your favorite game in the series and why is it not #2?
  16. Can't wait for that Shovel Knight Amiibo!
  17. I'm cool with a Heavy Rain re-master, but I couldn't even make it through Beyond Two Souls. I wasn't a fan.
  18. There are tables and chairs, yes. They are just your standard fold-up plastic chairs though, so if you want to bring anything more comfortable, go ahead!
  19. @MajorLinux @JerichoTVB @NC_Villan @GameOverGreggy @ExtraLife4Kids Throwing out a challenge Greg. Can you raise as much money as us!?
  20. That little girl was awesome!!! Probably the most confident kid I've ever met!
  21. I'll start eating my ramen now in order to save up!
  22. Another game delayed for the NX? Will we ever see Zelda!?:(
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