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  1. First off, these covers are AWESOME!!! Subscribed! Have you thought about the idea or playing at a local place like Boxcar? They have musicians on their patio throughout the summer. I have a contact there that wants us to be a part of the tournament nights on Wednesdays. Maybe we could combine forces?
  2. I just got word that I was able to get a shift at work covered, so I'll be there for the majority of the day! Woo! Not sure if I'm just going to play Majora's Mask on my 3ds or bring my PS4 with me.
  3. Thanks for the clarification. I know you'll all continue to do an amazing job!
  4. Team, We're trying to get as much stuff on the calendar as possible and we need some more recruitment events for the next few months! Anybody know of anything coming up in the next few months we could have a presence at? Let's hear some ideas!
  5. AndrewRDU

    All set up!

    Looks great! Loving the TMNT!
  6. Sounds great man! We'd be happy to help you find a place. Sounds like you've got a good start though. We've found that it's surprisingly difficult to find venues that are 1)Big enough 2) Have good internet 3) Are available for 24-hours and 4)Come at little to no cost. Do you have a contact over at state?
  7. RDU being a little nosey and checking stuff out. I LOVE the list of possible events for the year. VERY detailed. Excellent work.
  8. Some of us can't afford to buy the same game for TWO consoles! Hit up your fellow guild members and see if we can get something going!
  9. Greetings Richmond guild members! Raleigh/Durham President checking in! I think we talked about this last year, but are any of you interested in setting up a guild vs guild Rocket League session? We're holding a 12-hour marathon on the 26th of this month and I thought it would be fun to get a little competition going. Any takers?
  10. Our Vice President extraordinaire, @MajorLinux, needs two additional volunteers for the Oak City Comicon, on April 16th. Who can help out!? Click on the event page to RSVP.
  11. Our GUILD LANDING PAGE is up and running! This would be a good page to bookmark. It contains all of our contact info, upcoming events, recent forums posts and pictures, all in once place. It's also a nice short URL that you can give to people that might be interested in joining the guild! Neat!!
  12. Get ready to get your game on! Time for our first 12-hour marathon of 2016! Click on the event page for all the details! Are you coming out? What are you going to play!?
  13. until
    Time to kick things off for 2016 with a little bit of fun! Once again, we'll be partnering with the amazing people at The Kramden Institute and holding a 12-hour Mini-Marathon. This will give us a chance to relax, play some games and get ready for all of our April recruitment events! Date: 3/26/16 Time: 9:00AM set-up with 12-hours starting at 10:00AM Location: The Kramden Institute - 4915 Prospectus Dr, Durham, NC 27713 Bring your console, PC or table-top games for a fun day of gaming! Please note that no food will be provided free of charge. Usually we all chip in for pizza or jimmy johns, so either bring a few bucks or be prepared to feed yourself. Chairs are available, but if you want to bring something a little more comfortable, feel free! The Kramden Institute will be providing ethernet cables and switches for us to use. Please make sure you bring enough power strips/extension cords for yourself though. In addition, please make sure we we're following all hygiene policies and that you're freshly showered and smelling lovely before the day starts! Hope to see a bunch of you there! Bring a friend!! Game on, For The Kids!
  14. LIVE on #Periscope: #FeelTheBern
  15. until
    *IMPORTANT* DUE TO A LAST MINUTE CHANGE AT MY WORK, THE VENUE FOR THIS MEETING NEEDS TO BE CHANGED. WE WILL NO LONGER BE MEETING AT THE DUKE OFFICES. WE WILL NOW BE MEETING AT LEVEL-UP KITCHEN AND BARCADIUM IN DOWNTOWN RALEIGH. EVENT ADDRESS HAS BEEN CHANGED BELOW! APOLOGIES FOR ANY CONFUSION! Our April meeting will be back onto our regular schedule of "the first Tuesday of every month". Unless anything changes in the coming weeks, we'll be meeting at our usual location at the Duke Medical Offices. Date: Tuesday, April 5th Time: 7:00PM - 9:00PM Location: Level Up Kitchen + Barcadium: 126 S Salisbury St, Raleigh, NC 27601 Among other things, we'll be signing up volunteers for our busy April recruitment schedule + announcing who is filling our Secretary and Entertainment Committee positions. Hope to see you there!
  16. Thank you very much to all those who attended last night's meeting. If you weren't there, you'll find all the notes below! Recruitment Re-cap 2014 - Goal = 400 - Actual = 670 2015 - Goal = 450 - Actual = 625 Fundraising Re-cap Guild 2014 = $7,860 2015= $12,325 Hospital 2014 = $46,415 2015 = $92,135 (awesome!!) Extra Life as a whole 2014 = $6,100,000 2015 = $8,361,187 Team Ranked 52nd of 6,459 teams! Amazing!!! Ranked 4th in guilds who created a team. Raised more money than Nintendo! Setting Goals for 2016 Recruitment = 751 Participants by end of year Team Fundraising = $15,000 by end of year Hospital Total = $110,000 by end of year Golden Thumbs-Up Awards Fundraising Peter Maloney Andrew Nicol Steven Sober Tony Baracca Juxcraft Enthusiasm Award Charlie Millard Extra Lifetime Achievement Steven Sober Extra Life United Re-cap with Marcus Marcus aka @MajorLinux and Keri aka @Kommander Kerispoke at length about their experiences at Extra Life United 2016 and shared pictures of the event. New in 2016 Guild Entertainment Committee added to open positions Guild Landing Pages - This would be a good page to bookmark. Once complete it will contain our logo, contact information, upcoming calendar events + recent forums topics all on one page. This is also a handy URL to share with people. FB Group to be phased out - Not concrete date, but more than likely, come May, the FB group will be deleted. All communication will be done on the forums. This will effect all guilds, in-fact the recently launched guilds didn't receive one at all. This means that the forums will be even more important this year. Recruitment app for iOS + Android. This is great news. You can now download an app for your phone or tablet to sign people up for Extra Life on the spot! Now when you are casually speaking about the program with people, you can register them immediately. Open Leadership Positions We discussed in further detail the three open positions, Secretary and Entertainment Committee(x2). If you are interested in apply, please check THIS POST for all details. Applications close on March 16th!!!
  17. All of our wonderful guild members who showed up to our first official meeting of 2016!
  18. @MajorLinux in all fairness, it was getting a little silly
  19. Yup, totally down for a 12-hour very soon.
  20. @GameOverGreggy Hitting the bar with this bad-boy. Girls love Vita, right?
  21. Wrestling is so insanely dumb at times. Yes, I'm 31.
  22. Hey gang! It's time to kick off 2016! Head over to the calendar event and make sure to RSVP! Can't wait to see you all there!
  23. until
    It's time for the Raleigh/Durham Extra Life Guild to kick-off 2016! Please mark your calendars and get ready to help make our third year as a guild our most successful yet! Date: Wednesday, March 9th Time: 7:00PM - 9:00PM Location: Duke Children's Hospital Offices - 710 West Main Street, Durham, NC 27701 Among other things, we'll be covering the following topics... - Re-cap of 2015 - The second annual "Golden Thumbs-Up Awards"! - 2016 recruitment + fundraising goals - Election of new leadership - New positions being added to the guild Food and drink will be provided as normal. Also, I realize this date doesn't fall into our normal "first tuesday of each month". With Extra Life United going on and official emails going out from the hospital about this meeting, we had to delay it. Don't worry, we'll get back on track in April! Bring a pen and notepad, ideas and suggestions, a positive attitude and a friend! Let's make 2016 our best year yet! For The Kids! @AndrewRDU
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