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  1. Due to the recent news of our Facebook Group disappearing, I thought now would be a good time to point out just how easy it is to set up notifications on the forums. This will help with our total migration off of Facebook. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to customize your notifications and make it super easy to keep up with everything Extra Life and Guild related! 1) Create a username. Remember, your donation page login is separate! 2) Once you're logged in and browsing the forums, click the "Follow This" at the top right of any content. The button should change to "Following". Make sure to follow our forum. 3) Once you're following a piece of content, click the button again to bring up even more options. From here you can quickly change how you want your notifications sent. 4) If you want to go into even greater detail, click "Change how the notification is sent". You can customize almost every single notification to be sent as either an alert, email, etc. 5) Finally, make sure to follow our calendar. It can be found at the top of our forums. You'll be alerted when new events are added and you can even sync it with services like iCalendar, Google Calendar, Outlook, etc. And that's it! Two big things to do 1) Follow our forum & 2) Follow our calendar. Hope this helps! Also, remember that you can browse the forums on mobile. The site scales very well on all devices and can be very useful for those of us on the go! Or if you prefer to use apps. You can download the Tapatalk app for iOS or Android and search for "Extra Life Community". If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me, @MajorLinux or @SobeDog007!
  2. The Raleigh-Durham partnered with the West 94th St. Pub in Durham, NC for their sixth annual St. Baldricks Head Shaving event.
  3. AndrewRDU

    May Meeting


    It's in the middle of downtown. Usually not hard to find spots on the street, but Mon-Fri after 5pm, most of the lots are free.
  4. Woooo! Go team! If how our numbers increase every year is any indication, we'll crush that goal!
  5. Those are both great ideas. I love using the Delorean from Back to the Future. I currently rock the "Team Fat" flag.
  6. I never actually played it, but I heard it had a really cool storyline. Will be interesting to see what the new one is like.
  7. Anyone going to jump on Uncharted 4 in a couple of weeks? I just recently finished the first game in the Nathan Drake Collection and plan to play through 2 + 3 again before the new one comes out. This will be my fifth playthrough of 2, but I've only beaten 3 once. Really excited to see how the story ends. Please don't kill Sully!
  8. oooooo, good idea! Hey @Kommander Keri, can we get the hook-up!?
  9. I've been meaning to do this for a while now, but whatever! I got my Miracle Band in the mail today! I know @itsjacobes wears his every day. Anyone else got one? If you do, share a picture! If you don't have one yet, you can order a FREE Miracle Band at!
  10. The Vita version of Axiom Verge finally got released a few days ago and I'm totally hooked. "Metroid-Vania" games are my favorite genre and this game is perfect for the Vita. I'm also looking forward to starting Ratchet and Clank. What's everyone else playing at the moment?
  11. until

    All the more reason to stand up proudly and say "I'm Jason and I'm shaving my beautiful head for charity!"
  12. Cool! Hope to see you at our May meeting to hear all the details!
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