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    Fixed! Thank you sir!
  2. Was @NC_Villan wearing his Homer Simpson t-shirt? I love that thing.
  3. Who's coming to play some games on Saturday? Incase you missed it, we're running a 12-hour marathon at the Kramden Institute in Durham this Saturday, the 23rd. If you haven't done so already, please RSVP on the event page. In addition, I've got a little bit of homework for those that plan on attending. It's just over 100 days until our big 24-hour event on November 5th, so I think it's time we start pushing our fundraising. If you plan on attending the 12-hour event, please have the following items ready... Register for Extra Life 2016 in support of Duke Children's Hospital (hopefully you've done this already!) Join the Raleigh-Durham Guild Team Customize your donation page The last item is the most important. As I've said many times before, we are all involved in Extra Life for different reasons. Some of us spent time in a children's hospital when we were young, some of us have a sick family member and some of us simply just like to play video-games for a good cause. These are all fantastic reasons to be a part of the program. Make sure you tell us your story on your donation page, add some pictures, links to your twitch page, etc. People are much more likely to donate if they know WHY you are playing for Extra Life. Once all that is complete, let's start getting the word out! The 12-hour marathon seems like the perfect time to hop on twitter, send out some emails, stream on twitch or update your facebook and encourage people to donate. Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend, but if you have any questions, please contact @MajorLinux or @SobeDog007! Game on, For The Kids!
  4. Anyone else playing Severed on the Vita? I finished up Axiom Verge and needed a new game to play on the go. It's waaaay more dark than Gucamelee, but I'm really enjoying it so far. Just over a month till Deus Ex in August! Ahhhh!
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    Wow! It's August already!? Time for our monthly meeting! We'll be re-capping all of our July recruitment events, planning some BIG events for August, discussing our plans for November, playing a couple of games....heck, we might even catch some Pokemon while we're at it! Date: Tuesday, August 2nd Time: 7:00PM - 9:00PM Location: Duke Children's Hospital Offices - 710 West Main Street, Durham, NC 27701 If you're not able to physically attend, that's ok! All of our meetings are now available to stream live in a google hangout. Make sure to check updates on the forums as well as our Facebook Group from our very own @MajorLinux. He'll send out all the information on the day of the meeting. Remember, the RDU Guild meets on the first Tuesday of every month. You can subscribe to our calendar and check the forums for all the most current updates! Hope to see you there!
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    First Friday

    The Raleigh Times has invited us to be a part of their monthly First Friday celebration on the evening of August 5th! You may remember that our recruitment event with them two years ago was one of our more successful. This is a great opportunity to get a ton of people signed up to help the kids at Duke Children's Hospital. Let's do it! Date: August 5th, 2016 Time: 6PM load-in, event runs from 7PM-11PM Location: Raleigh Times - 14 E Hargett St, Raleigh, NC 27601 We'll be running multiple video game demos, but otherwise, this will be focused completely on recruitment, so be ready to talk to members of the public and explain the Extra Life program to them. Ideally, we could use at least four people to help out. Please let us know ASAP! It's going to be a big one! See you there!
  7. Team! We've made a contact with the ladies of The Carolina Rollergirls and they've given us the go-ahead to recruit at their events. They have an event coming up on Saturday, July 16th and we could use two people to run a recruitment table. The event takes place at the Raleigh Convention Center in Downtown Raleigh. Doors open at 4PM, with the game starting at 5PM. We'll need two people there to set up 30 minutes before doors open. Responsibilities include setting up and running a game demo, explaining the Extra Life program to people and helping attendees through the registration process. Do we have anyone that can please help? Please let us know ASAP!
  8. That's awesome that you were able to embed the video! Great job! Thanks for the detailed notes as always!
  9. I just beat Unravel last night. Trying to catch up on a few smaller games I never finished. Man...that ending...
  10. Just added a bunch of events to the calendar! Remember you subscribe to the RDU calendar and have it sync with your google or iCalendar!
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    It's time for our monthly meeting! We have quite a few events in July to talk about! Make sure to keep up with all our events on the community calendar! Currently, we're planning on meeting at our usual location at the Duke Offices, but we'll let you know if we decide to meet anywhere else like a nearby restaurant or bar! Hope to see you there! Date: Tuesday, July 5th Time: 7:00PM - 9:00PM Location: Duke Children's Hospital Offices - 710 West Main Street, Durham, NC 27701
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    We all love Extra Life, video games and music, right!? Well let's combine the three and do some recruiting while listening to a couple of great local chiptune bands!? We'll be joining Eight Bit Disaster and D+D Sluggers at their upcoming show at Ruckus Pizza! Pizza, beer, chiptunes and Extra Life! What's not to love!? We'll be setting up a recruitment table on the patio of Ruckus and hanging out for most of the night. Please let us know if you can come help sign some people up to play for Duke Children's Hospital! Location: Ruckus Pizza - 2233 Avent Ferry Rd, Raleigh, NC 27606 Time: 5pm - 10pm
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    The RDU Guild is proud to announce that we've organized our first Hearthstone Fireside Gathering with Atomic Empire! Special thanks to Justin (aka @I-ninja) and Pete (aka @NC_Villan) for putting all of this together! Thanks guys! This should be a fun day of meeting new faces and getting them signed up for the kids at Duke Children's Hospital! Location: Atomic Empire - 3400 Westgate Dr #14B, Durham, NC 27707 Time: 11am - 5pm You can check out the offical page here for the rules. It will be updated when we get a little closer to the event. Hope to see you there! Please let us know if you can come help us recruit!
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    Our very own guild member, Justin (aka @I-ninja) has organized his next Smash Bros. Tournament....CrossSlash Gaming's Forsaken Fortress! Justin has generously allowed us to set up a recruitment table for the event. Please let us know if you'd like to come down and help out! Location: 601 Fayetteville St #300, Durham, NC 27701 Time: Doors 10am with tournament kicking off at 11am - We'll probably be recruiting for the first part of the day If you're interested in actually participating in the tournament, please check the official Facebook event page for all the details and entry fee information.
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    GET OVER HERE! Our next tournament in partnership with Boxcar Bar + Arcade will be Mortal Kombat X! We're looking for some people to come help run the brackets and of course, sign people up! Please let us know if you're able to help! Location + rules below. Location: Boxcar Bar + Arcade - 330 W Davie St, Raleigh, NC 27601 Time: 7pm - 11pm Rules: PS4 Version, stock characters, controllers only, best 2 out of 3 matches, double elimination, finals will be held on arcade cabinet.
  16. It was an error on Microsoft's part. A lot of people were able to get the full game and dlc for free. We'll see if they actually honor it or not.
  17. Another update on this. I got a call back from National Cinemedia who said they'd have to send it even further up the flagpole and even with a non-profit discount, they wouldn't allow us to set up for anything less than $100. Bummer.
  18. I just posted this to the leadership thread. I just finally spoke to our local theater. Was also told that we had to call corporate. I called the number and was told to leave a message and somebody would call me back. Seems like a long-shot, but regardless, you can call National CineMedia at 1-800-727-3361.
  19. So I've spent a good eight hours with Ratchet and Clank. Holy crap, it's so good. Think I might go for the platinum. @SobeDog007, you got it right?
  20. I've reached out to Brier Creek. Just waiting on a response. If I don't hear back today, I'll call tomorrow.
  21. Which Mega Man? Are you planning on playing Mighty No. 9?
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  23. The only person I know with a gaming laptop is @iamtheWraith, maybe he can help?
  24. Looks like Sony is doing the PlayStation E3 experience at theaters around the country again. The closest one to us at Brier Creek on June 13th. Unfortunately, I have to work, but if we get in touch with our contact there, could anyone help staff a table for some recruitment? Link to Sony's blog post here.
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