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  1. I think our guild is going to have a mutiny to have the event moved to the following weekend, so they can all play Fallout!
  2. I'll be there a little after 8 to say hi!
  3. "This is what you old guys played with back in the day?"
  4. Everyone available for a session next Wednesday, the 26th?
  5. Awesome. I should have said, they are donating 15% of their sales to us, so I'd like to have a presence there, even though they didn't give us much notice. I can be there from 6-845 if needed. Would prefer not to use more vacation hours though!
  6. Team, Is anyone available to do a little recruitment at Boxcar Barcade in downtown Raleigh on Wednesday? I'm working and unavailable to help, unless I take more vacation. Just looking to set up a simple table and try and get as many people registered as possible. Say 6-9? Thanks!
  7. That's awesome! What a confident little girl! She reminds me of the girl we met at Extra-Life United that got up on the stage and sang with the band.
  8. Raleigh / Durham Guild President checking in! I was attending a recruitment event the other night and started talking to two attendees who wanted to sign up, but said they couldn't because they were moving back to Sacramento next week. So, I signed them up for you guys, in support of UC Davis Children's Hospital! You're welcome! Now you guys owe us two Raleigh / Durham sign-ups!
  9. @willoneill From someone who has dealt with their own struggles, the "From Me to You" trophy really got to me. Thank you.This is beautiful.
  10. Team, As most of you know by now, Jake aka @iamtheWraith recently stepped down from his position of VP of the Raleigh/Durham Guild. Obviously, we were a little bummed he was leaving, but life can get pretty busy for us all, so we totally understand that it's hard to balance everything sometimes! Thank you very much for everything you've done over the past year, Jake! We certainly couldn't have done everything without you! Since Jake's absence, Marcus @MajorLinux Summers has stepped into the VP role, which has left us with an opening for a new secretary. Today, I'm proud to announce that Peter Waterhouse aka @NC_Villan will be filling that position! Please join me in congratulating him on his new role in the guild! Wooo! Andrew Nicol President - Raleigh / Durham Guild
  11. until

    Thanks everyone!
  12. That could look cool! Sorry @CX6667! We're creating a lot of work for you!
  13. Honest question. What is the building in the background on the left on #2? I don't recognize it. Am I the only one that doesn't see an issue about using the durham water tower / lucky strike chimney? I know the chimney is technically tobacco related, but it's the most recognizable structure in all of RDU and has a lot to do with the area's history. *edit* I actually dig the cardinal idea, but I suppose that's the state bird.
  14. until

    What's the deal man!? Why aren't you posting this in the Raleigh/Durham forum!? Come join us!
  15. Yes! We only need two things.. 1) Decide on a logo. @CX6667 is currently working on the mock-ups. 2) Shake down @Kommander Keri for some cash!
  16. Well make sure you sign up for the platinum tier this year! Andrew Nicol President - Extra-Life Raleigh/Durham Guild
  17. That's awesome! I've had a few similar experiences. I signed up three people while waiting in line for Tony's Amiibos!:D
  18. @CX6667 I'll message Josh. Do me a favor. When you make the new poll, cross-post a link to it on the FB group. Trying to drive all our traffic here!
  19. testing, one two one two

  20. Work, work, work!

  21. ‌@Holyhotpies - You are bad at using google, my friend! N = flash game - N+ = XBLA for 360 only N++(comes out next week) is PS4 only
  22. @stephybot You couldn't think of a tenth game!? Glad to see another Link's Awakening fan! I also never finished Super Mario RPG...I should really do that. I take it you're excited for the FFVII remake? Duh, you posted the other thread! Sorry, I'm still waking up!D
  23. I may be about to lose my gamer-card....but...I've never played a single Final Fantasy game. Turn based combat has always been a big hurdle for me to get over. I can get down with some of the more simplified systems though. That being said...I'll probably have to pick this game up when it releases.
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