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  1. Awesome, @Snow_White_Raven--I am doing Magic Prerelease at Alakazam where I will be handing out flyers and trying to get signups. I will also be running the Chris Perkin's Tortle Adventure this evening at 8:00 PM--I was planning to do it in Irvine, but I can head down to Game Master if it still going to be open--how late will they be open tonight?
  2. Team, do we have any plans for Tabletop Appreciation Weekend Events? I was thinking about contacting Alakazam and seeing if I could set up a few tables on that day, but if something is already on the radar I would rather participate in that. Thanks, David S.
  3. Dean, I would love to come by around 11:00 AM and run a few games of King of Tokyo. My 8 year old Cody and his friends would also like to run some Skylanders -- we did this last year @ eSports, but I am not sure if it is ok for me to show up with a pack of kids at CHOC?
  4. Team Tuesday plans to be there! We have some under 18 year old gamers--will this be an issue? Thanks, David S.
  5. @Kriptini I have set up a Warhorn site to help manage the table top situation: http://bit.ly/1Prg2Nz I have set him up for a table from 6:00PM-10:00PM, can you confirm with him that this slot works? My vision of the Table Top area is that it will be largely drop in with people just finding pickup games of Pretty, Pretty Princess or whatever--but I think having a few games scheduled may be helpful for people who show up looking for something to do... I have had three (3) people ask me today about WiiU games--which I found surprising--I had no idea that was so popular. All of them offered to bring their own Consoles and stuff...
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