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  1. Yeah, it's a VR paint program made by Google. You can move around the room and construct things in 3D using different brushes. It's my new favorite thing ever. =)
  2. I'm planning on streaming Google Tilt Brush sessions to raise funds. Last night I set everything up and did a test. I figured I'd build a version of the Extra Life logo as my test. You can watch the whole thing here: Also! I forgot, if you want to download the image to use as a background or whatever I put them up on imgur here: Feel free to use them however you want.
  3. Hmmm... I'm just gearing up for summer streaming / fundraising and was looking for something like this. If it doesn't go to my specific hospital, though, I might keep looking.
  4. I'm using this thread to keep track of updates to the site, so here's: Yet another status report! Features: Ability to add a challange video is almost done Back-end of system to track a list of approved games is almost done Waiting on: I heard a rumor that there was an official API being released. This would help me a LOT since then I could confirm when someone completes a challenge by making a donation.
  5. I have a Roxio Game Capture HD Pro and it is great for hooking up to some of the older systems. I still have an old console switcher that lets me input SVideo / Component, then the Roxio outputs as HDMI. It's a weird setup but it works. =)
  6. Status report! The site is up at Features: User login enabled (Twitter only for now) Ability to add challenges works Game name and image is auto-retrieved for games from GameJolt and Steam, other services are hit-or-miss Ability to flip the card is working Coming soon: Ability to accept a challenge Ability to complete a challenge (using screenshot, YouTube link or Twitch link) Challenge details will show how many times a challenge can be completed Filters / sorting
  7. Hooray! This is the first I've heard of an Extra Life API, and I have been waiting for one for years! With that I could definitely create my own custom overlays, too.
  8. Whoa. I don't think there's any way I could possibly bring in 13k! Hopefully this will give you a little boost. I am also hoping to run my online charity auction again this year. In the next day or two I am going to start running some basic tests on the system and I will be looking for people to help me enter some fake content and maybe run a few sample challenges (not for real donations, just for fun). I'll post the details here if anyone wants to play around with the system before it goes live.
  9. I was just playing around with the style guide and fonts and I think I could probably whip something up. Here's a super quick one using their bright green and white logo / fonts: I could add whatever you wanted to something like that, team name, event title, whatever.
  10. One of the things I think will be fun, is you can encourage people you know to create their own challenges. I am still trying to figure out a way to have challenges issued to specific people. =) I should probably add a feature that just lets people suggest games =)
  11. I honestly can't imagine that there is any way they could enforce a clause that prevented people from reselling the stuff they get through Loot Crate.
  12. Aaaaaannnnnd - the twitter feed is live: Please follow!
  13. It's really coming along! Check out this screenshot of my progress so far:
  14. I still have the original Homeworld and Cataclysm, but never got to play Homeworld 2. I'm really excited for the re-release - I just wish I actually had time to play it when it comes out.
  15. You can find me at I stream weird stuff and game development. I haven't streamed anything since last Extra Life because I have been getting my office set up, but I should be ready soon!
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