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  1. O'Brien checking in for year 3! This year I will be bringing my Sister along.
  2. I also got mine! If the codes go unused send em over to me, I can definitely utilize them, but by all means let me be the last choice for em.
  3. Wanted to inquire on if anyone has received their xsplit license for the 2017 year yet? I first checked forum posts and did not see this touched on for the 2017 year, I also checked my email thinking maybe it was sent to me already early this year but I have nothing.
  4. Name: Jason O'Brien Alias: Obrienski, obrieno Years participating: proud to be my 5th year Reddit....Reddit kept throwing in a thread here and there on my front page titled "It's that time again -Extra Life Gaming Marathon" and "Like gaming? Want your gaming to do good?" and my favorite "Save kids lives by just playing Games" (that last one is what got me to investigate further). I still thought it was just click bait but it peaked my interest enough to take a look. Talked to my Brother about it and asked if he would be up for teaming up together and doing a marathon, (at the time I didnt even realize I was supposed to raise money) then we both signed up and planned to do a 2 person marathon at the house playing PC/Console games. Literally the day before the marathon I realized I had not campaigned to actively request for donations, just ended up talking about how I was going to get to play games for 24 hours.....I threw an email together and many of my co-workers and facebook friends backed me by donating $400!!! Every year my little group has grown, Last year I had over 15 people playing. Every year I get backed by some amazing resources/companies and more importantly friends. I work in IT so I get access to some really nice hardware to set up the event, plus it means so much that my company cares enough to let me do such events. I have been to Extra Life United 2x and am part of the Stream Team, I did not think Extra Life was going to have this big of an impact when I first started but every year I am looking for new ways to go bigger and louder all while maintaining a family lol. Everyday I have Extra Life on my mind, and I feel blessed to be able to take part in this every year.
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