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  1. Happy Monday! I don't see an update on here about our Guild Meeting. Apologies for short notice, we will be meeting TOMORROW night from 6:30-7:30pm here at the CHF office. Please RSVP on this thread or directly to Trevor Horman by end of day today. Hope to see you all!!
  2. Happy Monday! Congratulations on a great game weekend! It was great to see some of you in action on Saturday, and I tried to keep up with others on social media. Thank you to Jon, Brian, Angela, Tim, Jason and Dustin for manning/organizing the booth at Forest City Comic Con. We got some fantastic exposure on CTV and you check out the coverage here: Timecode: 19:30 Timecode: 9:58 Remember, your personal fundraising pages are still active, so if you haven't reached your goal there is still time! I'll post an update later in the week when we have a better handle on how we're looking in terms of funds raised. Thank you, and way to go on another successful year!
  3. NicoleSpriet


    A HUGE thank you to everyone who came out to today’s Extra Life event over at the hospital. Kids (and adults!) were amazed by Optimus Prime and R2-E6 (R2-D2) and enjoyed getting their photos taken with other Star Wars characters as well. Games were played, treats were eaten, and kids got to have fun just being kids! An album will be posted to the Children's Health Foundation Flickr account, but I'll post a few on here as well. I did an interview with CTV as well so keep an eye out for me on tonight’s news. Rogers, snapd and London Free Press were also in attendance. Check out the Extra Life/rTraction booth if you’re stopping in to Forest City Comic Con tomorrow, and like/re-share posts and tweets that will be on social media. Thank you and GOOD LUCK tomorrow!!
  4. Good morning Guild, Thanks for a productive meeting last night! Here's the recap on Friday's event at the hospital: Date: Friday, November 4th, 2016 Time: 10am-12pm (please arrive no later than 9:45am, and if your set up will take longer, you may arrive at 9am) Location: Children's Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre, B-Zone Atrium (first floor) *You may park at the hospital and I will provide you with a parking pass on your way out to cover the cost* Volunteers: Dustin, Sarah, Trevor H., Jon, Tim, Angela Game Stations: Flight Simulator - Dustin Video Game(s) - Jon and Trevor H. Board Game Tables - Angela, Sarah, Tim *Sarah to bring Guess Who, Tim to bring Star Wars Battleship, Nicole will provide others Special Guests: Star Wars Characters: R2-E6 (R2-D2 replica), Qui Gon Jinn, Kylo Ren, Rey, Princess Leia, Jedi Optimus Prime - Arriving at 11am outside B entrance Other: Information/Donation Table - Nicole organizing Refreshment Table - Nicole organizing Photo "Booth" - Shaun (CHF) will take photos of kids with Star Wars characters Please remember to wear your CHF shirt (given last night) or an Extra Life shirt if you have one from previous years. If you would like to dress up as a character, you are also welcome to do so. Your role is to assist the kids in playing games (if necessary) and be champions for Extra Life and Children's Health Foundation. Kids and parents may ask you what Extra Life is, how you got involved/why you are involved etc. This is meant to be a fun morning to share your love of gaming with the kids you are fundraising for, and to help spread the word about Extra Life and how we are making an impact for kids in our community. Thank you!!
  5. See you all tonight! There will be candy!
  6. @Segellion Fantastic! That would be great to have you at the Nov. 4th event and I can absolutely have a table set up for you to run that activity. Haven't heard back from anyone about the market... I'm trying to secure Big Blue Bubble but my contact is no longer there.. I'm still hopeful CTV will work with us on a deal. Great to hear about the booth at Project Play. We don't have an Extra Life banner and I didn't have the budget to get one created this year - on my must have for next year. I CAN give you a CHF pop up banner, banner roll for around the table, balloons, EL buttons, EL posters, EL postcards, and some CHF giveaway items. I was going to order some of those CMN capes for giveaways/prizes if you wanted them? LOVE your artist on site! I will see how creative I can get with putting some Extra Life branded items together to dress up the space. Do you have your own Extra Life t-shirt from past participation?
  7. Hi @Segellion, I can arrange for a table - do you know what they provide at the convention centre for participating in this? And I should have confirmed with you that they are giving us this booth for free, correct?
  8. Trying to sort out some swag to have available at our booth (and the market if that goes through). I cannot get my hands on anything Extra Life specific, but we are allowed to create our own, so long as we just run it past CMN before doing the final order. Not sure if we have time to do this for this year, but we could at least get a few Guild branded shirts made up for those of you coming out to volunteer? Thoughts on this and if you think it's necessary - happy to provide Children's ones, or if you have your own Extra Life ones to wear that's great too. Otherwise, I have some Children's t-shirts (black with the bear in colour), a Children's drawstring backpack, and pens to give away. I was also thinking of purchasing a few of these CMN capes (photo below) if you think they would be well received? I thought they would be fun to have for comic con...
  9. @Segellion Thanks for being so inclusive! It's great to have another option on the radar.
  10. Good afternoon Guild! The clock is ticking and game day will be here before we know it. There has been plenty going on behind the scenes and I would like to update you on some special events being planned. November 4th - Extra Life at Children's Hospital I have made arrangements to host an event from 10am-12pm in the atrium of Children's Hospital (B Zone- First Floor). This will be open to patients (children) and their families, as well as an invitation extended to our patient ambassadors. This event will include: -Games (shock!) -Snacks and refreshments -Special Guests! A fan built replica of R2-D2 as well as other Star Wars characters will mingle with our guests, and at 11am a fan-built replica of Optimus Prime (yes, a real truck) will arrive just outside the hospital entrance, where kids (and the young at heart) can come out and even take a look inside. How can you help? JOIN ME! I am looking for a number of Guild members to come for all, or part, of the event to man the gaming stations, interact with kids, and promote Extra Life! Can't attend but want to help in another way? I am looking for someone to create a playlist of game inspired music that we can play in the background. Could you, your company, or someone you know donate games the kids could play with? Food or beverages? Please get in touch with me by Friday, October 28th to let me know how you would like to be involved! November 5th - Extra Life GAME DAY! Extra Life at Project Play - Dustin has secured us a booth for the day, 10am-6pm, where we can promote Extra Life, and showcase gaming in progress with live streaming of the Roundhouse. The booth will be in the Project Play space, on the first floor of the London Convention Centre. We need volunteers who would be willing to come for all or part of the day to be stationed at this booth! Think, tell everyone how amazing Extra Life is and how they can still be involved by donating to a participant, make people feel like they are missing out and compel them to sign up for 2017, give away buttons, t-shirts, and whatever else I can get my hands on... Dustin can provide you with greater details, but it's shaping up to be a cool space! Extra Life at the Covent Garden Market - We are in talks with Bell Media to host a similar event to what we did last year in this space. TBC Currently I have the green room on hold from 8am-6pm (when the market closes) - the catch is we need to secure sponsorship, which was Big Blue Bubble last year. I have reached out to them and am waiting to hear back on whether or not they are in or out. If they are unable to support us, we'll be looking to quickly get someone else to help us cover costs. This is a great space to promote Extra Life to the general public, would allow you to game on-site, and hopefully if we secure BBB, we can have some furry monster friends join as well. I'm open to other thoughts about how we can make this space amazing!! We need volunteers who would be willing to be at this location for all or part of the day! I plan to be at both spaces for portions of the day. I will also be visiting Diply, to see their set up and join a live stream to chat about Extra Life and Children's Health Foundation. I understand many of you want to actually game on this day, and may have personal teams that get together each year etc. Even if you're able to take a couple hours out of your schedule to join one of these locations, it would be greatly appreciated! Please keep checking back to the forum to see updates, and suggestions on how you can help promote over the next couple weeks! Soon to be posted: Guild Meeting- November 1st 6-8pm at Children's Health Foundation - We'll talk streaming, fundraising, and the above events! Game on!
  11. I think I answered my own question.. just looked at the exhibitor agreement and see the cost - yikes! Let me know if you find anyone who is willing to have some of our postcards/buttons out at their table. OR maybe a couple people planning on attending can just have some on them to pass out should they get into a conversation....
  12. Why was the decision made to not have a booth at this event? Cost? Timing? Not the right space for us?
  13. It's a common misconception that Extra Life is solely a video game marathon, when in reality, we had over 15,000 people participate by playing tabletop games just last year! We’re excited to announce that on Friday, Sept. 16 we will be kicking off the second annual Extra Life Tabletop Appreciation Weekend! Think of Tabletop Appreciation Weekend as a warm up for Game Day on Nov. 5. Our largest tabletop supporters will be creating Extra Life teams, playing their favorite games and sharing Extra Life with their fans. Some are even providing tabletop-themed incentives for their donors and team members to unlock as they fundraise. Let's give a shout out to tabletop players everywhere for their relentless support of our hospitals and the families they treat! Help Us Spread The Word! Rally fellow tabletop gamers for a weekend of fun! Share pictures from your play on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and use #EXTRALIFEtabletop with your posts. We have included some suggested social media posts that you can use to get your friends, family and followers excited! FacebookIn advance of Sept. 16: #ExtraLifeTabletop Appreciation Weekend = BEST WEEKEND EVER. Learn more: Sept. 16-Sept. 18: Kicking off three days of playing games for #ExtraLifeTabletop Appreciation Weekend. Join or support me: [shortlink to your Extra Life page] It’s a hard job but somebody’s gotta do it. #ExtraLifeTabletop Appreciation Weekend is happening now. [shortlink to your Extra Life page] Play games all weekend? Don’t twist my arm. Join or support me: [shortlink to your Extra Life page] Twitter I’m participating in #ExtraLifeTabletop Appreciation Weekend. Join me: Looking for something to do this weekend? Join @ExtraLifeTabletop Appreciation Weekend! Stoked for @ExtraLife4Kids second annual #ExtraLifeTabletop Appreciation Weekend! Check out my stream [add in link]. Suggested graphics to post:A picture of your tabletop game setupA picture of you playing games (solo or with friends) Don't forget to download the official Extra Life Tabletop Appreciation Badge and share it among your friends, family and community members! Let’s get over 30,000 tabletop gamers to sign up for Extra Life this year! That’s DOUBLE the amount from last year but we think we can do it! It’s a huge goal but so is the need of our hospitals.
  14. Thanks for checking in @omg_tai! A meeting date will be posted soon!
  15. Still light on attendance! Hoping more current Guild members will attend (RSVP please!) and bring along a friend who you think would be a good fit!
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