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  1. Hello Nick, I apologize, this page is not managed all of the time, but please let me know if you need any support for your event. You can use any videos on UC Davis Children's Hospital and Children's Miracle Network Hospitals YouTube pages or any photos that you see on any of UC Davis Children's Hospital's social media pages. If you need more info, please contact Michelle Thompson, 916-734-9679. Thanks!
  2. Hello Stephanie, Most of our interactions has been interacting through Facebook. Our goal this year is $75,000. We've had some great partnerships and excited about the year. Thanks for reaching out. We're having an Extra Life day at the hospital on November 3rd!! I'm looking forward to that. Please share some ideas that other markets are doing. I'd love to hear it. Michelle Thompson UC Davis Children's Hospital 916-284-7577
  3. until
    Atari Party is an annual retrogaming & classic computing exhibit, typically held in Davis, California. Each year, volunteers set up video game systems, computers, and even sometimes arcade cabinets, for the public to come and enjoy. This year we'll have lots of Atari 2600/VCS Atari 5200, Atari 7800, and Atari Jaguar home video game consoles, Atari Lynx handheld game systems, and Atari 8-bit and Atari ST personal computers. Extra Life will have a booth. We need volunteers or attend the event and stop by! There'll be one or two full-sized arcade cabinets, as well: Centipede and (maybe) Missile Command! We'll also have some other Atari consumer products, including Atari Video Music and Super Pong consoles, home versions of Stunt Cycle and Touch Me, and an Atari Portfolio handheld computer! Finally, there will also be some non-Atari systems running Atari games — an Apple II home computer, and various other game systems: Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and GameBoy Advance, Sega Genesis, and Sony PlayStation and PlayStation 2. Also, since we're in Northern California, not far from Atari's old headquarters, don't be surprised if you bump into some Atari alumni! Be sure to 'Like' the "Atari Party" page on Facebook!
  4. Thanks Cheryl! Do I need to confirm the Mango's location for the meeting on the 6th? Do we have anyone that will volunteer at the Atari Party? I'll need to give them our things and giveaways. And lastly, do we have another day of the week, that we can meet?
  5. Taylor will be sharing some exciting news. Must join in to know what it's about. March 5, 2:00 - 3:30 pm in midtown 2616 P Street #3 (upstairs) Sacramento, CA 95816. Social hour will begin directly after the meeting. Yes! Also, Briana Aea and Gabriel (sorry don't know his last name) from IDGA will be our special guest. For those interested I will be giving a tour of UC Davis Children's Hospital on Wednesday, March 23, 1:00 - 2:00 pm. RSVP at 916-284-7577. If you can't make it, I'll be sending out another date soon. We need shirts designed ASAP! You create, I'll get them made. I'm giving out a nice prize to the best designed. National Pancake Day is Tuesday, March 8, 2016 from 7 - 7pm. Free pancakes with a donation to CMN. And much more to discuss... Meet Hunter!
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