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  1. Hey Everyone! If you didn't already know, Saturday April 29th is kinda a big deal because it is International TableTop Game Day! I know our friends at Chits & Bits make a BIG deal about this every year. I'm wondering, who else has plans for TableTop Game Day?!?! If you don't have any plans, I know there a bunch of events going on including the Chits & Bits game marathon and auction at Crossroad Games in Standish. I'm pretty sure there is something going on at Diversions Puzzles and Games in South Portland too. Does anybody know of anything else for that day? Get out there and play some games, #FTK! Jeff I'll start! I will be at my brother-in-laws house, meeting a bunch of new people, and playing a bunch of games I know nothing about. I super excited!
  2. Hey Everyone! We would love to kick off this year with a get together with food and fun. We are looking for suggestions on where in the Greater Portland area we could all get together and talk about our 2017 goals, what we have coming up for events and most importantly, HAVE SOME FUN! Who has some ideas?
  3. Ok everyone, let get some forward motion going here!! 2017 is here and it's time to start thinking about how we can make a difference this year. In 2016, we made the difference by raising $58,737 for the Barbara Bush Children' Hospital, which destroyed our goal of $50k for the kids! Extra-Life as a whole raised over $8 Million this year. That is pretty ridiculous. Thank you all so much for all the hard work, and just as important, I hope you had a BLAST doing it. So, what is it going to be for 2017? $60k? $70k?!?!?! Let's get started!! I want to hear what everyone has for ideas for this year. And I want to get some events on the calendar as soon as we know about them. I also don't want to focus just on recruiting this year. I feel like we tried that and it didn't work as well as we hoped. Instead, I want interest in Extra-Life in Maine to grow organically. Let's get out there and play some games and help some kids, lead by example. I think that is what will get people excited about getting involved in Extra-Life. I would also love to see the Guild meetings up and running full-tilt again. Let's have one next week. Recap of 2016, plan for 2017, and play some games. Who's in?!?! Let's get started!! I know that we can make 2017 an incredible year for CMN Hospitals, Extra-Life, BBCH, and most importantly, the kids. The first step is going to and get signed up to participate in the 2017 event. Thanks for all that you do guys, you're the best! GLHF, #FTK Jeff (P.S., @timay, I finally got Rocket League on the XBox1, we should play sometime. My 9 year old beats me senseless every time!!)
  4. Rokaei

    Game Day 2016

    Chad and I will be hanging at my house in Gray this year (with a couple other peeps). We will have a couple Xbox's, a PS4, exploding kittens, cribbage, etc... Not sure exactly what we will be playing yet, probably a little bit of everything. If anyone wants to stop by, PM me!
  5. Rokaei

    Free Comic Book Day

    Portland, Maine Guild representing for Free Comic Book Day at Casablanca Comics in Portland!
  6. until
    Hey Everyone!! We will be holding our June Guild meeting at the old Summit Adventures in the Maine Mall in South Portland. The space is vacant and we have a lot of room to spread out and have some fun. We will cover a little business (I mean very little!!!!) and then play some games. Join us!!!
  7. until

    I will be there from 10-4. I am going to setup the display and bring materials the night before so we are ready to go.
  8. My son Brayden and I stopped by the Chits and Bits Table Top Game Day Marathon this morning. We picked up a couple of new games and had a LOT of fun.
  9. Hi All, Just wanted to shoot off a quick note. We have A LOT of recruiting opportunities coming up and we could use some help spreading the word!! Here is a summery of what we have coming up: Chit & Bits Table Top Game Marathon @ Crossroad Games, Saturday, April 30th (TOMORROW!!!) Free Comic Book Day at Casablanca Comics in Portland, May 7th Huzzah!, May 13-19th Portland Sea Dogs Community Table- May 18th Fancy Cocktail Night- May 30th, Arcadia National Bar If you can help out, please drop either me ( @Rokaei), Justin ( @Dybree), or Nicole ( @Athena) a message!! 50K FTK!! -Jeff
  10. For me, it's the opportunity to help other people and to integrate it with something I love doing. I like to help kids because they don't get a choice in most cases. With Extra-Life, I am able to "play games, heal kids" at the same time. Extra-Life has been a part of my life for almost 4 years now, with the last year and a half being monumentally impact full. .
  11. Rokaei

    Sea Dogs Community Table

    Ok if I bring the wife and kids?
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