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  1. Just a bump. September meeting is this Sunday. Hope to see everyone there!
  2. Store manager. I walked in and said I'd like to host an event and if a manager was around. I spoke with a manager who gave me some initial info and the e-mail for the head manager. Then I e-mailed them explaining what I wanted to do, why, how many people I estimated would come. They like business so it's not a really hard sell as long as you're professional and understand that they have rules and policies they need to follow.
  3. Hi all, Here's some of the ideas that got mentioned at last week's meeting for possible Recruitment Events. These are all very early stages and we're looking for help to turn them into a success. 1) Halloween Event. We have lots of cosplayers in our Guild and costumes + candy is always a good time. If we can organize and advertise for a Halloween party I think we'd be able to draw lots of people in. If you know of events in the area maybe you can reach out to them about working with us. 2) Mario Odyssey Midnight Release event(s). This releases Oct 27th at 12:01AM which is just 1 week and 1 day before the Marathon! What better time to get people hyped up. Hey, you want to spend 24 hours playing this and other Switch games?, Sign up! Share other ideas or help flesh these ones out.
  4. Hey @MyOhMyke, Firstly sorry you won't be able to make the meeting. Hope to see you in September. I think it's an awesome idea. You could probably get a full team recruited to focus on a marathon of Mario. Have you considered some of the logistical problems? Presumably this would be on a single save, so you'd need to have everyone at the same location. Where would you host it, make sure it can handle the number of people involved? Would you want everyone there for the entire 24 hours, or take it in shifts? Are you planning on streaming it? If so make sure everyone involved will be comfortable on stream. This is one of those amazing ideas that needs a little bit of work to take a spark and turn it into a fun and successful fundraising event. In my experience, if you have some of the details fleshed out you'll get more people to sign-up. Everyone will say the idea is great, but telling them the what's/when's/etc. will get people to commit to participating. Good luck with it and keep posting updates and questions about it here.
  5. @Vausabant Did you have any luck with this?
  6. @Vausabant Step 1 is to reach out to the organizers of FredCon and ask if we can come for recruiting. If you'd like to take the lead on that we encourage it, but be sure to keep Guild Leadership in the loop so we can help where necessary. If you'd like an example letter that we've sent to other organizations we can share one, just let me know. If they say yes, we'd start seeking Guild volunteers to help recruit at the event. Meanwhile, we'd need to gather information about how many volunteers are welcome, what setup we have (is there a table, booth, electricity, wifi, etc.) and any logistics about setup. Keith, Vinny and I are here to facilitate all of that. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!
  7. We're asking people to send us the e-mail address they'd like to be contacted at for organizing large events and announcing meetings. You should not expect more than 1 or 2 e-mails a month and you an always ask us to stop. It's just to ensure we're getting the word out. You can send me or Keith a private message on the forums, or e-mail me at quaseymoto@aol.com with your name and e-mail address if you'd like to be a part of that. If you know someone who wants to get/stay involved but doesn't check the forums, please let them know about this opportunity.
  8. To everyone interested. Please sign-up by end of day tomorrow. We have to make a go/no-go call on the table by then.
  9. RavenCon 12 is April 28-30th at the DoubleTree in Williamsburg, VA. This year we have 3 badges available to those willing to offer some time to work the Extra-Life table. This is a great recruitment opportunity. There's lots of gamers in the community that attend this convention and need to hear about Extra-Life. The badges will go to the first 3 people who offer to work the table for at least 4 hours during the convention. They can be split into two chunks of two hours if preferred. More would be greatly appreciated but make sure to enjoy yourself at the convention as well. The hours that need coverage are listed below, so claim whatever time you can. First come, first serve. Friday: 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Saturday: 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Sunday: 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. We're looking to maximize coverage so please try to minimize overlap when scheduling time. Already headed to RavenCon and can't do 4 hours? You're still welcome to spend some time at the table and help out. Reply to this thread (or to the e-mail coming soon) if you're looking to cover any table time so we can give you the details you need about materials and badges. Lastly, thanks to Jillian for helping us get this table.
  10. Welcome Devin. Glad to have you with us! Bioware's always been about the fantasy for me (From Baldur's Gate to Dragon Age) but I know there's plenty of love for the ME Trilogy here.
  11. Welcome any and all new guild members. Take a minute to introduce yourself in this thread.
  12. Thanks @Evil8Leprechaun for letting us know. Sad we missed you but there's lots of chances to meet the guild. Our next meeting will be Monday, May 15th. Stay tuned for details about time and location.
  13. Hi guys! Anyone who participated in Extra-Life 2016 should've received an e-mail already but in case you missed it. Our annual Kick-off meeting is NEXT WEEK! See below for place/time specifics. We'll be re-introducing everyone, discussing our goals for 2017, and going over our success in 2016. As usual, we'll hang around a bit after the meeting to socialize and maybe play a few games. After the meeting we'll post a summary on this forum, so stay tuned. When: Tuesday, April 4th at 7pm Where: CHoR Brook Road Campus: 2924 Brook Rd, Richmond, VA 23220 Feel free to post any questions here.
  14. Everyone should join me Thursday, March 30th at Triple Cross Brewing starting around 5pm. I'll have a ton of board games and we'll have a Wii U hooked up to a projector for some big Smash Bros. and Mario Kart matches. I may also setup some Quiplash. They'll also have Happy Hour deals until 7pm! Why? They're hosting an Extra-Life charity night. 10% of all proceeds from the night go to CHoR. Be sure to invite more people. The more the merrier.
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