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  1. Completely forgot to come and check this thread again until now! Got it sorted with some messing around with changing country and zip codes to match, choosing the hospital and then switching myself back to the UK! Phew! Now to play some games!
  2. Hey, Leaving things late this year but just getting round to signing up and I can't choose a hospital as the page says it 'cannot detect my location'. That persists no matter what I set my country as (UK is where I am). Playing from outside the US I'd like my donations to go to a hospital doing international work as it's a little easier sell on donors here. Any good ideas how I can fix that? Thanks!
  3. Same name nearly everywhere I go (except EA, we don't talk about that :p): Twitch: Twitter: That's mainly what I use during Extra Life! Starting at 10am UK time which I think will be 6am EST if I've got the clock change right?
  4. Sweet! Thanks! Just want to make sure I'm not going to break things! Just hope no one gets annoyed by my donation sounds
  5. That's the bit I get. I'm not sure about the 'function' line! If I put: will that work? Or will it simply play all sounds in the var donationSounds line? I'm not getting enough donations to test it out
  6. Came here to check out sorting out adverts for a break in gameplay and remembered this brilliant counter from last year! All setup and ready to go in just a few seconds! Now I just need to get my head around the function thingy and make it play some awesome sounds on donation!
  7. Hey, I'm supporting Sick Kids in Toronto this year but I tend to rotate who I support so I'll bear that in mind for next year Thanks!
  8. Yeah US and Canadian hospitals only. Still more than happy to take part though - just takes more explaining to potential donors
  9. I'm going to try and embed it in a post rather than a signature so hope to circumvent any restrictions where I plan on posting it Nope HTML is set to off. Bah!
  10. Does that mean I could link it on a forum as well if I follow the source on that page? Might make persuading some folk a little easier!
  11. No worries. I've tracked down my problems to a couple of poorly coded apps using massive CPU cycles and the OBS Studio trying to output the stream at my default gaming resolution. All sorted and working well now though
  12. I appreciate the offer but I think we'll stick it out for this year and look into it next year! Still hoping to lure some others into joining our little team
  13. I got it working by upgrading to OBS Studio instead. Did have to check a couple of options in it though as it tried to stream at the same resolution I gamed at causing slow downs for me. Also had to be very specific about the order of the overlays to make sure the counter shows up but it is certainly working now!
  14. Sorry to drag this back up but I'm having similar problems and can't seem to solve it now! Updated Flashplayer, followed all the instructions yet nothing shows up in OBS Preview until I click 'Edit Scene' which brings up the dreaded red box and little else. Opening it directly in a browser works flawlessly and shows the correct data as well. Additionally tried restarting OBS, Chrome, any game I try it with and reconfiguring OBS from the ground up. Utterly lost as to what to try next - any pointers?
  15. It goes further back than that - I found the blog post from 2013 that explains it all. Not sure what can be done to bring UK hospitals back into the fold (short of what's mentioned in the blog) which of course scares away potential donors and participants. We could of course simply join the nearest guild to our international hospitals but it would be nice to see more being done this side of the water
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