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  1. scoii


    Visit Also check out the charity page for details on how to join the official QuakeCon team this year for your Extra Life donor page:
  2. scoii

    Let's Play Gaming Expo

  3. Hey Team, For those interested who might be lurking our forums, here is a quick summary of the changes that are being implemented to the Guild level Facebook groups: What to Expect: Groups moving from Closed to Public Group name change, e.g "Extra Life Denver" Standard Cover Image w/ Guild and Hospital logo New language in the "About" section Linked to official Extra Life Facebook page Hospital representatives to receive admin access, Guild Leads to receive moderator access
  4. scoii

    SMU Guildhall Game-a-Thon

    SMU Guildhall is hosting their Game Day December 2nd through 3rd, and they are welcoming everyone to visit their stream! Visit to learn more or check out "smuguildhall" on FB, Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch.
  5. Quick recap from our meeting: We talked numbers ($50,490/430 for Dallas and $62,506/581 for Fort Worth). Both guilds are at over $100 per participant, so we are doing solid work fundraising. As mentioned before, SMU Guildhall still has their event to come the first week of December, and they have a corporate sponsor willing to match every dollar up to $10,000! For more info, check out "smuguildhall" on FB, Twitter, Instagram, or Twitch. Aracely and I are in touch with them and supporting them however we can to make sure their event is successful and something we can build off of year to year. We made significant progress in brainstorming ideas for our 2018 kickoff events. We'll look to share more on that front in January with everyone. Last but not least, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who supports our local hospitals year to year! We could not do it without each and every person who supports us, whether it be through fundraising on Game Day or volunteering for an event or bringing fresh ideas to one of our monthly meetings. Thank you!
  6. until
    Microsoft NorthPark is hosting an Xbox One X event. Two of our leadership team members will be attending.
  7. until
    November meeting will be virtual (Discord).
  8. Hey Team, Let's chat on Discord prior to the holidays. Meeting is set for Monday, November 20th at 7:30 PM. Please continue to push for donations through at least the meeting. We can raise until the end of December, so let's try to push past our current numbers. As of Monday post Game Day, we are 399 strong with $45,524.00 raised.
  9. Hey Team, best of luck to everyone playing this weekend and next. Have a great Game Day! Make it fun and stay healthy and remember why we love playing games for these wonderful hospitals every year. We will have a Discord meeting to close out the year's activities prior to Thanksgiving, but I will wait to post that after Game Day to avoid distracting people from their events. Dallas started the day off just shy of $29,000, and our goal for 2017 is to break through $100,000. We have a ways to go, so everyone do your best!
  10. until
    Dallas' monthly meeting will be in person this month at Madness Games and Comics.
  11. scoii

    October Meeting

    Hey Team, sorry for the late notice, but we will have an in person meeting next week on Tuesday, October 24th at 7:45 PM. It will be at our usual hang out, Madness Games and Comics in Plano. If you are new to the meetings, just enter the store and head to the open space to the right when you first walk in and look for the folks wearing Extra Life shirts! Address: 3000 Custer Rd #310, Plano, TX 75075
  12. until
    Moving to Monday to accommodate some schedules. We'll use our regular Discord.
  13. Hey Team, We'll get together on Discord at 7:30 PM Central time on Monday September 25th. The community calendar has been updated with the meeting.
  14. scoii

    Dallas Guild August Meeting

    Our August meeting will be on the Discord server. We will recap Let's Play and do final prep for QuakeCon.
  15. until
    Hey Team, David Downing is hosting an event on Tuesday August 8th at the hospital in Dallas. The event is expected to start at 7:30 PM and will feature several veterans sharing their experience with Extra Life and their tips to successful fundraising. If you have any questions at all about the charity or want an opportunity to network and share your own experiences, please consider attending! Address for the hospital: Children’s Medical Center Dallas 1935 Medical District Drive, Dallas, Texas 75235 Conference room is TBD. I'll update when one is provided.
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