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  1. I would check out jackbox party packs. They are a lot of fun if you can get a few people involved. I believe the 2nd and 3rd one have a family friendly setting. Most of the games in the sets do allow you to type or draw whatever which might be an issue.
  2. I just noticed no one created the guild team yet so i created it when i signed up. I can always transfer ownership later i think. I'm still hoping they let Guilds make community teams this year. http://www.extra-life.org/team/portlandme
  3. I'm game. What date did you have in mind? @Rokaei Always game for some rocket league. I have a few people who play pretty often in our discord channel.
  4. timay

    Game Day 2016

    Yes it's almost here. 22 days to be exact. I was hoping to put a list together of public events going on around Portland and possible coordinating some game time between us (Overwatch. cough) Event name:Extra-life Maine Location: Double Tree by the mall 24 hours: Yes 7am Saturday to 7am Sunday I will update this list as we get more data. We talked to Hud about an overnight but haven't ironed out the details yet. If anyone is on pc and wants to hook up with my group at home let me know. We are mostly pc gamers but do have rocket league which is cross platform.
  5. I think the real issue is that extra-life technically isn't a charity but a program for Children's Miracle Networks Hospitals. Most will reference CMNH but not the tons of things that benefit them. I don't really have a solution for this problem and not sure if there is one.
  6. At the moment I'm available most nights except Mondays
  7. I mentioned it tonight but i'm looking for more people to build a Portland Guild team. The event is Sunday, June 26th 2016 at 6:00PM Eastern. It is only for pc at this time. Let me know if you're interested. People so far: 1.Me 2.Jon Maybes: Nicole Ben
  8. I like this guy's idea from last year. Lanyards and charms for donations or signing up. The lanyards are a little expensive at $1ea but the charms can be pretty inexpensive.
  9. timay


    In case anyone asks. We were playing Codenames. It's a lot of fun and works pretty well with larger groups.
  10. I just got the email and mine is on it's way.
  11. Its a windows 7+ permissions issue. The easiest way is to run notepad as admin. You can type notepad in the start menu and right click. Select run as Administrator. Click yes on the UAC prompt. You will then need to go to file and open the file that way. That should let you save after you make changes.
  12. I think we will be mostly playing pc. I think we have most of the consoles but not sure on controller situations. What kind of games do you play on pc?
  13. timay


    That's great! I hope i can make it
  14. I thought I would make a list of Events we know about and where to find more info. If you would like to include your event and its open to the public please post here or pm me. If i made a mistake about your event or something has changed please let me know. Extra-Life Maine- Put on by Weekend AnimeLocation: American Legion (300 Conant St, Westbrook)Time:7am Sat- 7am SunFacebook page for more infoArcadiaLocation: Arcadia Nation Bar (24 Preble St., Portland)Tickets for the Arcadia event on the 7th will go on sale soon. For $30 you'll be able to stay overnight at the bar, we'll get you lunch from Dutchs, dinner from Slab and whatever drinks you need to stay up all night (non-alcoholic once we're closed to the public). This is a 21+ event, but Saturday from 9am-4pm it's all ages so your family can come by and play along. More info coming soonHUD Gaming LoungeLocation: HUD Gaming Lounge (2 Main St., Biddeford)More info Coming soonWalker Memorial LibraryLocation: Walker Memorial Library (800 Main St., Westbrook)Time:8am-8pm (Note: this will not be an overnight event)More info Coming soonEvents Not on the 7th Crossroad's ThanksgamingLocation Crossroad games (15 Fort Hill Rd, Standish, ME)Date: Saturday November 28th.More info Coming Soon
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