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  1. Hey guys! So I have just recently acquired a 3D printer and I figure it'd be pretty neat if the members of our guild who regularly assist at tables and booths at specific events had a little pin with the extra life logo (I was thinking the logo with each guild members name, I could also experiment with putting the signup link on a QR code and putting that on the pin, idk how many people use QR codes tho ?) I could totally print up some for artscape this weekend. So if you guys would be interested please leave a comment with your full name (or whatever you wish to be on the pin) sadly I wont be able to use as many colors as the logo, but I could maybe do a white pin with our names and EL logo in black ? sorry again about missing the meeting! The wheel idea spunds great tho! ?
  2. until

    Wow these forums have been killing me ? I apologize for the late response, Tapatalk has been really buggy for me, I can do 4-11 on Friday and Saturday. So now we got someone in the evening. And if you want two people at the table any other time I can do another shift if needed. Thanks for all this organization Sarah! (Idk how to tag people in these comments, I hope you get this! ?
  3. I am on summer vacation, so I should be available everyday, so feel free to fill me in where you need me [emoji4]
  4. It went awesomely! We all introduced ourselves and shared some laughs Hi I'm Kevin BTW!
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