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  1. Hello everyone, My name Is Erik. I was there at the inception of the guild (the guy in the red spiderman shirt in the picture) but ended up distancing myself from it almost immediately due to certain people using it as a way to just build their twitch following. Now that I see some of the leadership has shifted I am hoping to come back and help out. I first heard of extra life 2 years ago from a friend and decided that If there was a way I could help I would do it. Every year I make a goal of $500 and this year I plan on hitting it! I am a father of an almost 2 year old, and am a stay at home dad. I love playing RPGs both virtual and tabletop. I play too much WoW and HotS. I have a twitch page I am in the middle of setting up properly but the name is "d20game". Sometimes I'm on "inosarthas".
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