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  1. Herbertsmart

    Inland Empire, CA

    B U M P Riverside, San Bernardino, Moreno Valley, Corona, Eastvale, Temecula, Ontario, and everywhere in between. If you are looking for a group of like-minded gamers shoot me a message
  2. Herbertsmart


    I've finally given in and started playing Fortnite with my sons. Help me figure out cross-platform play and I'd be very appreciative, I can't use a console controller and have to rely on a trusty keyboard and mouse.
  3. Herbertsmart

    Coin-op arcades/pinball

    Hosted Cub Scout Pack 62 for an Extra Life Arcade Tournament. Lots of fun and they raised $250!
  4. Herbertsmart

    OC Guild Kickoff 2018

    Join us in the Wade Education Center as we kick off the new year. Find out what our goals are for the year as well as what events we have on the schedule. Location: CHOC Children's Wade Education Center 1201 W La Veta Ave. Clinic Building Orange, CA 92868 Time: February 21st, 2018 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  5. Herbertsmart

    Extra Life Instruction Manual

    Nice to see updated PR materials, good job!
  6. If this is still a thing, I'd like to nominate Amanda & Jon Kalnins from the OC Guild. They have been participating in EL for 9 years!
  7. Herbertsmart

    Last Meeting for 2017

    Thanks for posting the meeting notes Amanda! Perhaps we should make another post announcing Guild Leadership changes?
  8. Herbertsmart

    Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

    Yo Romper Man, shoot me a message via Discord about PUBG. I've been considering it. Cheers bud! -Dean
  9. OC Guild, we've been invited to develop an event at ESports Battleground in Moreno Valley. https://esportsbattleground.com/ Aug-Sept. time frame. Lets get some ideas circulating and do our part to represent Extra Life!
  10. Herbertsmart

    Looking for volunteer Guild members at E3 2017

    I believe Aaron and Shelley are part of the Just Us League of Awesome https://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.team&teamID=33497 I'll PING Ralph, Frank, and James to see if they have set up fundraising pages yet.
  11. Herbertsmart

    Marathon Day Debate 2017

    OC is still planning a public event like last year's marathon at KO Gaming Lounge. We are in the process of finding a new venue as our home base of Esports Arena is booked and KO has closed. We will keep you guys posted on any progress in case you want to partner up again this year.
  12. Herbertsmart

    Guild Location Demographics

    I added myself just to let ya know I'm available to assist when possible!
  13. Herbertsmart

    Where do you Hold Your Meetings?

    The OC Guild has been rotating meeting locations for quite a while now and it seems to be working well. The main reasons for rotating our meeting locations are 1) our members are spread out geographically and mixing up the venue allows meetings to be closer to home for everyone at some point in the rotation, and 2) we are scouting for a new venue to host our Game Day 24 hr marathon. This process has had a few unintended benefits as well; we've met a lot of new people and businesses that are interested in supporting the Extra Life Cause, and I feel it is helping keep Guild Members interested in attending monthly meetings. Even I get excited when we are meeting at a venue I've never been to before. Off the top of my head here are several of the places we have held meetings at over the past year: CHOC Children's Hospital http://www.choc.org/ Esports Arena https://www.esportsarena.com/ Game Master's https://www.facebook.com/GameMasterLagunaHills/ KO Gaming Lounge https://www.facebook.com/kogaminglounge/ My personal home PLAYLive Nation https://playlivenation.com/
  14. Herbertsmart

    Everything FALLOUT 4!

    Thanks Battery_H! I thought I had recovered all the star cores and installed them, but could never get the elevator operational. Oh well, not a big deal I started over on a second play through on Survival difficulty. It's gonna be a looooooooong time before I get back to the DLC content again, game is brutally hard now, such a different gaming experience.