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    Good to meet you MrPutinPop. it is a shame no one was Russian to do this. I'm Nude Pants (Brent), married, father of 2. Employed as a glorified PC technician. I hunt and I game. This will be my 5th Extra Life event and 3rd with my oldest son, who plays as well.
  2. Since it is clearly a misleading title for our group, I propose we ask the forum admins to change our name to Minneapolis/St. Paul or Twin Cities from Minneapolis/Twin Cities. My reasons 1. Is there not a St. Paul campus for Gillettes? 2. Only naming 1 of the Cities is like only referring to 1 of your children when speaking to others. ("Please meet my childern, Junior and others." Not cool) 3. I'm from St. Paul and it is the better of the 2 anyway so IMO the wrong city is listed to begin with