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  1. Has anyone come up with a way for a credits roll during the ending screen after a stream for everyone who donated to Extra Life? Just an extra way of saying thank you during the conclusion. Thanks!
  2. This year will be my 10th year participating in Extra Life and I'm looking forward to making it the most exciting marathon so far! My focus will be community games including FFXIV, Marbles on Stream, Warframe and other fun games. Feel free join stop by and say hi sometime! đź’™
  3. I'm looking ahead already at this year's Extra Life, so I'm hoping to see if anyone out there has a good gaming chair recommendation for the event. Last year my office chair became pretty uncomfortable (the seat padding is getting flat) so it's time for an upgrade. I do understand sitting that long will be uncomfortable no matter what... but I'm hoping for a good recommendation. Prefer something $200 or less since I'm on a tight budget, but will consider saving up for something better if it's crazy worth it. Thanks! <3
  4. Amymazy

    Guild Positions

    Haven't seen anything yet.
  5. I'm having a bit of trouble trying to get StreamLabs donation alerts to work. All other alerts seem to pop on screen just fine, but the Extra Life donation alert isn't showing up, nor do I see it in the StreamLabs dashboard/activities/events (if those are logged). Do I need to set up regular donations in order for Extra Life donations to alert as well? The test alert works fine but actual donations won't pop up. I did follow the set up in that FAQ and checked it several times. It's enabled with my correct #. Just hoping to get it working before game day. Cheers!
  6. Amymazy

    Guild Positions

    Nope sorry, I've been a Portland Extra Lifer for my 8th year now. I'd love to be more involved here but it seems inactive.
  7. Amymazy

    Guild Positions

    I'm interested in this as well. This guild seems super quiet (at least here) so count me in for helping out!
  8. Nah, it was pretty simple, just found some gifs I liked and added a layer.
  9. I made a couple of Extra Life donation alert gifs for my stream and for a friend. Thought I would share with the community in case anyone else would like to use one. Cheers! Edit: added fireworks
  10. Hopefully I'll be streaming on official game day this year. This year I'll play some Minecraft with friends and probably a single player RPG (haven't decided which one(s)) during calmer hours. Cheers!
  11. I'm tempted to stream on Beam this year. I like the community and the low delay.
  12. Sweet, I'll throw you a follow! Hope to see you around!
  13. Does anyone stream on Hitbox? I like the community and friendly staff.... plus the lower stream delay, makes it easier to interact with viewers. Share yours and I'll be sure to follow!
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