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  1. Hey Jonathan! Its me again. I replied on your other post. A lot of our active guild members are from the Hartford area, but we will be at Mohegan Sun towards the end of March for CT Gamer Con. Tickets are relatively inexpensive, so if you can you should come on down and meet us. Before CT Gamer Con we actually will be having a guild meeting. We have our guild meetings at the Microsoft store in the West Farms Mall 1500 New Britain Ave, West Hartford, CT 06110 If you join our Facebook group, We will post the date on the meeting for March. Thank you! Tracy EL Hartford Guild VP
  2. Hey Jonathan! Thanks for asking! You have to re-sign up every year. Your profile from 2017, and all of your donations from last year will be visible, so it is not as time consuming the 2nd time around! You also use the same login and password from prior years. If you are interested in keeping up to date in what the Hartford Guild does around CT, we have a Facebook page that is more active than our forum page. Just search Extra Life Hartford Guild and ask to join. If you have any other questions you can post them on here or you can post them on the facebook page. We plan on having a kick off meeting this spring as well if you would like to meet some other people involved in Extra Life in the area as well, and not to mention there will be free pizza. We are thinking that will happen around May, but we will def post about it here and on the Facebook page! Thanks for being involved and rasing money for Conneticut Children's Medical Center! Tracy Extra Life Hartford Guild Vice President
  3. Also, just so everyone knows the mall address is 211 W Farms Mall, Farmington, CT 06032, and Mike from the Microsoft store gave some easy directions to get to the store. He says: “Recommend parking near Brio/P.F. Changs Entrance (Across from Best Buy). Once inside, take a left walk a bit down, and on your right will be our store.”
  4. Hey, I am signed up for Sunday. If you go on the Facebook page for the guild there is a google sheet that shows sign ups, and i think if you coordinate with Harrison and/or Tim Vee through the group about the console/ monitor solution that would be awesome! Excited to see you on Sunday!
  5. SleepyPanda


    Hey you! Thanks for all of the great insight!!!!
  6. Hey there Dread_sirius! We love hearing from people who are interested in getting more involved! My 2 suggestions for now are to try to come to our September Guild meeting, and to maybe participate at one of our upcoming tables at a Con to help sign people up. I have been involved with the guild for almost 2 years and I really enjoy the events, and all of the people I have met through the guild are amazing people! If you can't physically come to our meeting in September, we usually post a call in # the same day for the meeting, so you can attend in digital spirit!
  7. Hey everyone! We are having a call tonight (7/28) at 5:30 to discuss and try to hammer out some details for a future Pokemon Go event. Everyone is invited to call in, and pitch in ideas. The more the merrier! The call in info is: 1-866-429-9395 Call in code: 749 365 0289 Hope to hear from you guys!
  8. Hey guys! Don't forget to look around for event suggestions for June. This might be doable for us to hand out flyers or something. It is in North Haven.
  9. One more thing! I am involved in PFS, which is Pathfinder Society, and I am actually playing a game this weekend being GM'd by the head of the group, I can speak with him as well to see if he and the group may want to get involved with ExtraLife.
  10. Hey I am Jason's Co-worker Tracy. I just signed up for ExtraLife, I never knew it existed, but thanks to Jason now I know. I am going to the Connecticon Shop this Saturday for RPG day, and I am going to talk to my pal Kevin who is the Asst. Board Game Manager and see if I can convince him to come to the meeting with me on March 12th, maybe we can partner with the shop and the con to try to recruit people, the actual Con is a great idea to try to recruit more people. I am hoping if you guys can introduce the concept to Kevin he can take it back to Mat (his boss) and pitch him the idea. I know they hold a tabletop day in April that corresponds to the event and it gets pretty packed. Hope I can be of some help!
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