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  1. Interesting idea, but DonnieV stole my thunder:

    Thanks for the responses guys. I ended up doing a playlist with all the commercials I wanted to run in VLC media player and screen captured that, works well. Thanks for the great idea of implementing the commercials. 

    Is probably the easiest solution, even if it isn't the most technologically impressive.

    Although, now that I think about it. The EASIEST solution - would be to combine all the commercials into one video file and then just play that one file when you'd be playing commercials. Although, it might not loop enough if you're away for an extended amount of time. So maybe VLC with a "repeat playlist" is a good solution until OBS MP can play playlists.

  2. As I've said before, I just got into streaming this year because of EL - and it's helped - my biggest donor strolled into my stream while I was playing The Witcher. But, streaming or not, I'd still be playing the games I'm playing. So followers or no - it doesn't matter. Plus it creates a fun archive of me playing - including when I do awesome stuff like actually solve a puzzle or get a headshot or whatever.

    That said, it REALLY makes my day when I get someone watching and interacting with me. Just this week our own mahnkiman came into my stream and it made things a bit more fun - reminds me of when I was a kid playing with my brother and talking about the game or just things in general. And, going back to The Witcher, people in your stream can encourage you or provide tips when you keep failing a certain boss.

  3. That's awesome. Didn't know AIR was still around - after everyone was using it for Twitter clients stopped using it, I thought it'd died. As I mentioned in various places here - I love the one you developed last year and this one seems every more incredible. I'm hoping to redesign my overlay this weekend as I switch from XSplit to OBS MP. Also LOVE LOVE LOVE that you did a text file option because it should help with the issues I've had getting the web page captures being way more annoying than they should be.

    If I get it working in a reasonable amount of time I'll post a video here so others can see it in action. If I understand correctly, the only thing that can't use the text files is the donation alert if I want it to play a sound and have a picture or something when it happens, right?

  4. Yeah, last year I had put up the page, and a few people asked if I could customize it.  A couple of the usual requests (coin sounds, chest opening, MGS alert sounds) but there was one guy who was doing a horror-game-themed stream and had a crazy loud SCREAMING sound as the donation alert.  He played a lot of Five nights at freddy's.  No way, jose.  


    Working on the air-based data capture to text files now, then will start in on the alerts.  Hoping to be able to integrate that into the air app as well, so we don't even have to worry about anything server-side.

    Awesome. I've been making quite active use of the solution (see lower left and lower middle of this video - not shown in the thumbnail) you made last year, so I'm excited to see what you come up with this time!


  5. I used it on my laptop for some tabletop games with my friends. It's less clunky than the normal version but I think the main thing that's gonna be missing is plugins, especially the big ones like CLR browser.

    I dislike how you can edit the scene at anytime, whereas in the normal ver. you can lock it all down. Right now I don't think it makes sense to use Multiplatform.

    What's the CLR browser?

    So I set it up on my main Linux computer and was able to set up a bunch of scenes. What I was missing (if it was in old OBS - they recently added it to XSplit) was a plugin for Twitch chat. My video from the webcam is slightly out of sync with the audio - hard to tell, depending on how closely my lips match the idea shape for the sound (when it first pops up, I'd forgotten to unmute my mic). I'm mostly pretty happy with it vs XSplit. A few little rough edges to fix and I think they'll be at parity.


  6. That email about the JSON interface got me excited about this too :)

    I've been a developer for many years yet I never got into using JSON. Does anyone have anything started? If I could at least see some examples, then I could probably come up with some cool stuff.

    Also, I noticed a few glaring omissions in the JSON. There are no totals on any of the pages! I'd love to see a total on the team pages and participant pages. Ideally the team roster would have amount raised for each member too. Who do we need to bug to get some more data into the JSON interface?

    True, no totals. But, computers are just overgrown calculators, so if you have the total amount donated you can just use whatever programming language's To-Int function to turn the dollar amounts into numbers you can sum.

    It's only a bummer that we didn't get it until now, so deep into the year.

  7. So up until now I've been using the great webpage created by bfinleyui which is at only replace those %23s with your ID from Extra Life. The way he designed it is to create one webpage which displays:

    1. The current amount raised.
    2. The goal amount
    3. A box where alerts for new donations will appear.
    4. A single-line rotator of donations made.
    5. A 5-line rotator of donations made.

    You can see how I've been using it here:

    The bottom row is making use of #1, #2, and #4.

    With XSplit and their Web-resource it's somewhat annoying to align things correctly. With the Window or source capture it wasn't working correctly when in game. (It would freeze at whatever donator was active when I went into the game)

    Do you think it's best to create a JSON page that has only one element per page? Or is there another way to do this that might lead to easier results for streaming?


    I feel like such a terrible nerd for never being able to get into ff3!!!

    I need to try again.

    It's OK. I was also in middle school when I discovered it (a few years after it'd come out in the US). I don't know if I'd have enjoyed it as much if I'd been older and more cynical or younger and unable to understand the themes.

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