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  1. 15 hours ago, Bot Hunter said:

     I accept challenges <i.e. game goals, or video dedications> from friends, family or co workers Much like Han and Chewy sitting in

    Mos Eisley cantina getting ready for their next "job" Or Quarks bar on DS9.I've raised 100% of my donations this way!!!! :D



    Check out my Mos Eisley list to see what I mean. Hey, it's crazy but it works!!! B)

    Interesting idea.


    Thanks to those who said they blast social media. I posted on Goodreads and got a donation that way.

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  2. On 10/18/2016 at 10:34 PM, allthewayj said:

    I'm doing stretch goals as well this year. For certain milestones, i'll do certain things. Like change the default controls on a game for a certain period of time. Another i'm using is doing karaoke at a certain point. The final stretch goal is an Extra Life Tattoo, which i'm super excited about! i also do donation rewards. So $5 donation is choose a song to play on stream (family friendly of course). Another is writing your name on a piece of tape and putting it on me. i've also seen people put a tshirt on for certain amounts, so they end up wearing like 15 tshirts. i'm also doing for a certain donation amount, your name will go into a drawing for Steam gift cards. I also do youtube, so a reward is recording with me like a minecraft map, etc. another is for a certain amount, you are guaranteed a spot in an audience participation game, so they don't have to worry about being fast or winning a drawing to get into the game. i also don't like horror games, so a stretch goal is playing a horror game. :)


    NICE. I think if I had a more regular stream, those types of incentives would be more useful. Or - If I ever get to do a gameday stream. I think next year will be the time I can finally do a 24 hour stream on game day.

  3. 14 hours ago, bfinleyui said:

    I emailed in January of 2015 asking about rate limits for a screen scraper, and got a response from an "application support specialist" with a CMN signature.  They said they'd look into it and get back to me within a few days.  Two months later they got back to me and said they didn't have any rules other than 'reasonable', which they said was probably something like once a minute.  I begged for JSON at that point so I didn't have to hit their page with a scraper, or a robots.txt to tell me the limits, or something.


    Then the JSON stuff came out, i re-wrote my helper, and asked again via twitter, I think?  I can't remember exactly to whom, and again didn't get a real answer, so I abandoned the idea of refreshing for all team donations.


    I believe it was last year, too, that they partnered with a company for DDOS defense, which upped the stakes a bit, since they'd have someone specifically looking for bad network citizens and whatnot.


    Because those rate limits are usually a function of the network hardware well in front of the actual DD software, I didn't think DD would really have an answer on the rate limit question.  


    And for this year, i've got a nearly 4-month-old at home, so I wouldn't have time to re-write anyway.


    First of all congrats on the 4 month old. My youngest ones are reaching the year mark, thank God. If this one's your first - don't worry, it'll eventually get better. If it's not your first, just remember how things got better with the older ones.


    Thanks for the info. Last year I'd set the JSON grab on my Python tool to something like every 30 seconds and got denied pretty quickly. So this year I made it 2 minutes. I used your Adobe tool all year last year and it never seemed unable to grab the data, so seems like you're probably fine at a minute unless they change that. So far the person who requested team support hasn't specified team members, so I probably won't worry about that for this year since I don't plan to be gaming on Linux this year on game day.


    @SupeRaven I think the API key idea would likely be great. They'd still need some kind of limit to keep inexperienced programmers from killing the API server on game day with everyone needed stats on that day. (It seems to be a crapshoot whether people use their stats all year 'round) But at least for API purposes they'd be able to tell us the limit. One possible limitation for open source projects - how would I make a utility others could use without them needing to also make an API key?

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  4. I'd announced this last year (, but realized that it should work just fine with Mac and Windows as it does with Linux.


    A few days ago I got my first feature request on github:



    (Aw! I've got big-boy project now!)


    Planed for this year:

    • I'll be closing out that issue by adding in Team support.
    • Fixing the formatting so that money has 2 decimal places instead of just one.
    • I'll be switching to functional programming (vs the current script-like) to prepare for a GUI
    • I don't know if I'll get to a GUI this year, but I'm willing to merge code to do so. Why a GUI? I'd like to model it after @bfinleyui's utility where he has a main window that shows what's in the text files so that you don't need to open them all up to do a sanity check that it's pulling the correct data. He also has a second window he can spawn that's all black (for chroma key) that will update with a "DONATION Person's name - AMOUNT" that can be used in OBS or XSplit to let people know there are donations as they come in.He also allows you to use a JPEG or PNG along with it a la SteamAlerts. If I make a GUI it'll most likely be QTQuick for Linux as I have experience with that. I know both QT and GTK+ can also work on Windows, but if someone wanted to write a native WIndows client, that would work as well. It'd be nice if it worked with Python bindings so that the user doesn't have to compile anything to use the GUI. I know I can do that in Linux. Not sure about Windows.


    Anything else you'd like to see? Feel free to file issues. Able to code GUIs? Feel free to join the project!

  5. Someone asked me to add team support to my script:


    And So I took a look and this URL: team="http://"+str(TeamID)+"&format=json" seems to provide the raised total and goal total. This page teamroster=""+str(TeamID)+"&format=json" seems to provide a roster. But neither seems to provide team raised amounts. I know the info must be somewhere because @bfinleyui 's GUI tool that runs on Adobe something-or-other that I use on Windows can grab the info.


    Where is it?



    Thanks !

  6. This is something I don't think I have to be worried about. I'm struggling to get to $200. (Goal $300 - which is about what I raised the previous year)


    However, let's say I get lucky and between now and November I get to my goal of $300. If I want to continue to encourage donations - do I increase my goal? Do I say something like - "Let's see how much we can work past this goal?"


    I picked $300 this year because, as I mentioned, it's about what I raised last year. (I'd hoped for $1k last year). I know that psychologically you want your goal to be close enough that people feel they're helping you reach it by donating, but far enough that they don't feel that someone else is going to close the gap. Good strategies? Good stories from previous campaigns?

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