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  1. On 10/31/2016 at 7:27 PM, Nick Prosper said:

    This is awesome, I loved the last one..."Joe Never Fails" Epic!!!!


    I am going to be shaving my head live on my stream IF I hit my goal of $2,000 and then donating the hair to children for use through Locks For Kids. Yeah I have long hair...if you wanna help me reach that goal and watch me suffer the consequences then please visit my page at Nick's Extra Life Page



    Neat! I hope you make it. I'm not doing anything crazy - just situps or pushups for each dollar donated. So far my younger brother made me do 100 pushups. Tough because I'm currently very out of shape since my twins were born and I haven't gotten back into an exercise regime. Right now I'm trying really hard to make my goal of $300 (the amount I raised last year) and even to just cross $200 - I'M SOOOOO CLOSE!, just $30 more needed!!!!


    Eric's Extra Life Page

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