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  1. I'll be doing 2 12 hour days 4-5 April The goal is to start around 9AM. Come join me and watch! I'll definitely play The Witcher and perhaps some other games as well. (Had to change the date to April because something came up)
  2. Good point. Although, I have the last Photoshop before they started doing the subscription thing and if you use Antialiasing, it's not too bad. Still, I think you're right - for the best results, Illustrator is probably the best.
  3. There seems to be a pretty large amount of intrigue over Overlays. Having just jumped into this over the last couple weeks, here's what I've found. If you are using XSplit Gamecaster, you need an Overlay. For the most part with GIMP or Photoshop it's as simple as carving out a "Window" (the background will be checkers instead of white) and then save it as a PNG with transparency. Then follow XSplit Gamecaster's turtorial to see how to add the overlay. If you are using XSplit Broadcaster (and probably OBS as it appears to be similar), then it's potentially even easier. With Broadcaster you can stack your video sources like layers. So, depending on the look you want, you can just create any image you want and it can be GIF, PNG, JPG, it doesn't matter. You just put your video game on top. That's the look I was going for with my Underlay (as opposed to an Overlay). You can see it here: So be creative and don't worry too much about your Photoshop/GIMP skills.
  4. Hello, Hello Extra Lifers! Just joined this year after hearing about it on the Giant Bombcast for a few years. Also just started streaming so I don't really have more than two followers as I write this. Come and share in the fun of Extra Life with me as I stream. For now I'm streaming randomly as I get time while I finish up grad school. After that I'll be setting up some times here and there, including streaming games I play together with my Extra Life team mates. Here's my stream: I would be more than happy to reciprocate anyone who follows me on Twitch. I'm currently working my way through a Civ 5 game and then probably going on to Witcher.
  5. Yes, I've been looking into some of the programs out there for pulling Extra Life donations. But also, aren't they supposed to open up the API this year? Maybe it'll be even easier to plug in. I'm pretty brand new to Twitch, unfortunately, but since I'm going all year long, perhaps I'll be able to build up a following. Plus since my overlays mention the EL, I'm also planning on pulling them onto Youtube and hopefully getting some more donations that way.
  6. Hello, Looking for other extra lifers for mutual Twitch following. My twitch page is:
  7. Hello! This'll be my first year doing Extra Life. I'm doing it because my local Children's Network Hospital (Johns Hopkins in Maryland) performed two life-saving surgeries on my daughter - the first one in her first week of life! Here's my EL page: I'd love some Twitch followers! I'm new to Twitch and commenting over games in general, although I have done it for a different purpose before like this one where I spoke about a game I played as a kid: Games I'll probably be playing on my own: Civilization 5 Back to the Future Telltale Games Pacm-Man Chapionship Edition DX Witcher (never played before) Star Wars: KOTOR (never played before) Team Fortress 2 Portal/Portal 2 (Commentary Track) Torchlight 1 (never played before) Games You Can Force me to play (at certain donation levels): Any of the above+ Bastion Greed Corp FTL Trine 2 Luxor: 5th Passage Saints Row: The Third Brutal Legend (never played before) Dungeon Defenders FEZ (never played before) LA Noire (never played before) Shank (never played before) Shank 2 (never played before) The Stanley Parable (never played before) XCOM: Enemy Unknown (never played before) BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger (never played before) BloodRayne: Betrayal (never played before) Double Dragon Neon (never played before) Long Live the Queen (never played before) Muffin Knight (never played before)
  8. Awesome. Thanks for that info. By the way, I like both your EL and Twitch setups, especially how you explain your participation in EL within Twitch. You've given me some ideas on how to structure my donation reward tiers.
  9. New to EL and new to streaming gaming, but not new to gaming or computers. Just curious what tends to work best for streaming an EL session: Xsplit's Broadcaster or Gamecaster? I've used Gamecaster a handful of times and it's more or less foolproof. But if there are compelling reasons for Broadcaster, I'd certainly look into learning it before starting my EL run. Thanks!
  10. That's pretty awesome. I had no idea it was so flexible. So, I went to your page and clicked on donation. For the amounts, I have some questions. 1. Why is it fixed amounts and not per hour? Did you set that or is it always like that? 2. Did you pick the text by each dollar amount? Thanks!
  11. Hello Extra Lifers! I have been hearing about Extra Life for a few years now when the Giant Bomb guys talk about their participation. Looked around on FAQs and I'm still a little confused on exactly how this works. I'll be doing my fundraising on a non-standard day because my sister-in-law's getting married on the national day. I'd like to create a team with (at the very least), my brothers. So according to the FAQ it looks like, as a team, we can add up all our hours to 25 hours and it can be over any number of pre-specified days. Is that right? But what happens if we end up playing for somewhere between 25 and 75 hours? (Basically, either we can't make it for the full 25 each or we power through 25 each) If we're each getting pledges per hour, what happens when get get to 25 or beyond, if it's possible? Thanks for the info!
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